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Delphi Tool Version 2.00

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At last, it's here! xD

Sorry about the delay, but I had other stuff going on...so yeh. It's here now. Hope it was worth the wait! :)

Delphi Tool

Version 2.00

Code + GFX by RaptoR of Team iNFECTiON



Description: This tool was originally just a String Splitter for Delphi, but after a few suggestions to expand it, I have. It now comprises of:

Delphi String Splitter

Delphi String Unsplitter

String To Charcode Converter

Charcode to String Converter

Table Extractor

Array Maker

Source Cleaner

ASCII Table Viewer

The string splitter module splits up strings into more managable blocks. It is very handy for cutting long strings into ones that Delphi can handle (as you know, the maximum length of a string in Delphi is 255 characters. This can be annoying when using long strings, when for example working with encryption schemes). It is also handy for simply tidying up long code.

The string unsplitter module does the reverse of the string splitter module, and concatenates strings that have been split with the string splitter (or by other means) into one.

The string to charcode converter will convert an entered string into Delphi's character codes. For example "RaptoR" becomes "#82#97#112#116#111#82".

Charcode to string converter is the opposite of string to charcode. It will convert entered charcodes into strings.

The Table Extractor is for extracting data from files to be used in your Delphi apps, be it chiptunes, patchdata, whatever.

The Array Maker does exactly as it says on the tin, and allows you to create arrays quickly and easily. This module was originally coded as a standalone app by my friend Saduff, but he has allowed me to merge it into the Delphi tool. Greetz! :P

Source Cleaner ...cleans your source :P It makes your source easier to read and work throught. Coded by KenTheFurry, who has given code and permission to merge it into Delphi Tool. Thank you too! ;)

The ASCII Table viewer is simply a viewer for a full ASCII table. The table was taken from:


Format/Type: EXE/Tool

Size: 276kb

SHA-1 of Archive: 118D598F90FCCD4CA6F69A7B8972653CD2FF9AFE

Screenshot attatched.


If you have any ideas, bug reports, or suggestions for Delphi Tool, please PM me - or post on the release thread of the tool.

- RaptoR

What's New in Version 10/15/2009 08:40 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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