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CrackZ's Reverse Engineering Page (1997-2012)

Teddy Rogers

About This File

Welcome! on this fine day, you have reached CrackZ's Reverse Engineering Page, on the web for 14+ years, despite many censorship attempts. Amongst these pages you will find what is now a very rare commodity on today's commercialised web; a site where you can acquire all the skills you need to become a competent reverse engineer. This site provides information for analysts and protectionists alike, focusing mainly on the protection schemes of Window's software whilst debunking some of the mystery surrounding the sublime art of 'copy protection'. Everything here is yours for free, I hope you will enjoy taking some time to look around.

In the last 15 years commercial profit motives have transformed the nature of web information and searching forever, a bitter irony indeed that in our rush to embrace a world of 'free information', more and more is now hidden, treasure troves of free knowledge have been shunned in the stampede for 'e-commerce' gold, snake oil products to this day provide a false sense of security to software authors. This site is fiercely against these trends, but is also realistic in that it will make not one iota of difference. Upon my pages you will find many teachings that should enable you (with a little work) to reverse engineer most of the software you'll ever encounter or need (probably saving you a considerable amount of money).

You will find no dubious advertising banners, irritating pop ups, endless loops of smut site referrals or targeted ads, (they couldn't pay me enough to promote their useless products anyway), much of the material here is at a level where little more than a 'willingness to learn' is assumed, of course if you delve a little deeper you will (I hope) find much more.


CrackZ's Reverse Engineering Page (1997-2012).rar : 834d28a4e6d00abb6b6d007f6b4fd4ed


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