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Intro source for TAC#5 E-zine

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; --------------------------------------
;  TACo5 Zine Intro - win32asm + OpenGL
; --------------------------------------
; coded in a hurry so the code is pretty lame but works anyway :]
; probably i left some usual dev. garbage inside this code so... U've been warned :) 
; hope U may learn something usefull from here anyway... have fun as i had :)
; there was a version running on a thread but i've kicked this stuff out to make it clearer
; all resources included, player stuff kicked away, check the PATHS to make it work (in: make+asm+inc)
; \opengl_inc & \opengl_lib <-- put it into relevant directories
; UPX -9 name.exe <-- to downsize the executable (big textures!)
; thx to NeHe and Sculp for their gr8 tutorials which got me started with OpenGL stuff and
; to all gr8 #opengl dudez who had lotsa patience to answer all my stupid questions :)
; thx to smola^xt for all your help and support m8 :)
; F1 - some details switched on/off
; F12 - fullscreen/movable window mode switch
; pure win32asm code by:
;         (turbofr0g@gmx.net || turbofr0g@beanus.org)
; late Feb.2oo2 
; (tabspace: EQU 4, m8 :)


Edited by bi0n3xt

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