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!bpxep PyCommand 1.01

Teddy Rogers

About This File

This is a small script for use with packers that have weird headers and that don't load properly into ImmDbg, eg UPack, [MSLRH], ASDPack. It simply places a temporary breakpoint at entrypoint, ensuring that ImmDbg will stop there (except with ASDPack - that overwrites the EntryPoint, you must stop at TLS and trace until Entrypoint written, then run script again to set Bpx).

Also useful if you have a target that runs code from TLS, or that stops at system breakpoint.

Includes a little code from JMS in the TLS code.

The script will also add comments to the code to tell you which callback you are at, and attempt to analyse the code (if -go option is specified)

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