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OllyAddMenu 1.0.0

Teddy Rogers

About This File

Hey all! Not sure if this is of interest or useful to anyone.

I coded this cause RagDog has not updated the OllyMoreMenu plugin and thought i'd share.

Allows 'OllyMoreMenu by RagDog' config file to run in ollydbg 2.01g.

Please note; this plugin only allows the menu's to load. You CAN NOT add, delete or modify any of the already existing menus through this plugin.

If you choose to modify the cfg.ini file manually, you should know that this plugin will only allow a maximum of 32 menus with 32 items each. This is strictly a work around until 'RagDog' gets the plugin operational for ollydbg 2.xx.

Just copy this plugin & the cfg.ini to the plugin dir.

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