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OllySocketTrace 2.0

Teddy Rogers

About This File

This plugin is re-written for OllyDbg 2.01. The original version was written by Stephen Fewer for OllyDbg 1.10, OllySocketTrace is a plugin to trace socket operations for the debugged process. It will record all buffers being sent and received. All parameters as well as return values are recorded and the trace is highlighted with a unique color for each socket being traced.

The socket operations currently supported are: WSASocket, WSAAccept, WSAConnect, WSARecv, WSARecvFrom, WSASend, WSASendTo, WSAAsyncSelect, WSAEventSelect, WSACloseEvent, listen, ioctlsocket, connect, bind, accept, socket, closesocket, shutdown, recv, recvfrom, send and sendto.

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