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RenameOD 0.1

Teddy Rogers

About This File

Sometimes you may want to rename ollydbg.exe to some thing else like 2llydbg.exe, but if you do that all the plugins would not work. Yes one can modify the import table of each plugin to make it run, but that costs some work.

Here I provide a plugin to allow this rename operation. Just put aaa_renameod.dll to plugin directory and rename ollydbg to something else like 1234dbg.exe .

Note: this plugin displays no window nor menu nor button in ollydbg. If you renamed ollydbg.exe and plugins work, then this plugin is working.

Restriction: to allow each plugin working, this plugin should be the first loaded by ollydbg. So, here I name it to aaa_renameod.dll, If a plugin has a less dictionary order name, rename one of them to keep ordering.

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