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SigCreator 0.3

Teddy Rogers

About This File

SigCreator is a reproduction of "SigMaker 0.4" for the new OllyDbg version 2.xx.

SigCreator generates you all needed information for using the selected signature in your code. Furthermore it will give you a list of all occurrences of the signature in the current module.


Sig start // Start-address of signature occurrence
Sig end // End-address of signature (both addresses are inclusive)
// sizeOfSig = sigEnd - sigStart + 1
Modulebase // Base address of the module
Offset // Offset from base address to the signature
Signature // Signature in code design
Mask // Mask of signature in SigMaker-Style


* Scan code for selected signature
Shows you all occurences of the selected signature.

* Get unique signature
Gives you an unique signature next to the selected address.

Note: SigCreator menu will only appear in the disassembler menu.
Note: You can copy the results by shortcur "Ctrl+C" or by popup menu.

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