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ZsHBPBar 1.3.20191103

Teddy Rogers

About This File

An OllyDbg hardware breakpoint bar, something similar to that in LCF-AT's version of OllyDbg.

What's New in Version 1.3.20191103   See changelog


1. Hardware breakpoint management toolbar to display, follow and delete hardware breakpoints in real time.
2. Change the style of the OD Open File dialogue box to adopt the latest visual and operational style of the system.
3. Add to the program plugins window list, support for double-clicking on a addon.
4. String search function, featuring Chinese (GBK, Unicode) and English string search functions.
5. Improved features in the Strings window.
5.1 Inclusion of a filter function to quickly locate strings.
5.2 Functions for breakpoints, which provide support for establish and terminate individual/batch breakpoints for the int3 type.
6. Added the capability that allows for the location of the debugging file.
7. A quick commands toolbar: UDD Directory clean-up, system Notepad, system Calculator and Registry.

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