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ODbgScript - An Introduction

Teddy Rogers

About This File

ODbgScript - An Introduction

Welcome to the first tutorial on ODbgScript - An Introduction. In these tutorials (more will follow soon) I will try to teach watchers in a very easy way how to use ODbgScript. I have included some files to assist you.

ODbgScript - Writing Memory

Here is part 2a of my series. This time I take the watcher on reversing a small ReverseMe (written by me) and we will write a loader. That means a small introduction on writing memory.

ODbgScript - Armadillo OEP Finder

In this movie I'm going to cover some more-advanced unpacking techniques and I'll make an OEP Finder for Armadillo v6.40. In this tut you'll lean how to break on API calls, how to find further then the first 'call eax' and how to loop until something is found. Targets & Sample script are included in the archive. In the next tutorials I'll cover import-reconstruction in Armadillo and maybe some serial-fishing.

ODbgScript - Common Bugs

In this tutorial I'll show the watcher how to write a detach-script for Armadillo v6.40. The thing I want to cover in this 30 minute tutorial is not how to crack Armadillo but how to avoid bugs by showing a whole scripting session. I included the files needed to make this script in the archive.

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