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Windows 7 (Virtualized) 0.2

Teddy Rogers

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Some beloved plugins for Olly stopped working when used with Windows 7, among these are OllyAdvanced and Conditional Branch Logger just to name two of them. To overcome this issue I virtualized Olly and now the plugins are working again.

You can customize this Olly as usual. Note, that you have to set the Plugins- and UDD- directory when starting it for the first time. Unfortunately there is a small shortcoming - Every part of a plugin that is driver-based is NOT working. This is due to the fact, that drivers cannot be virtualized. For instance while everything else in OllyAdvanced is working, it's driver-based Anti-RTDSC is not but that does not hinder the plugin to work great. The same goes for other plugins that have drivers involved. Sorry for that, virtualization nowadays is pretty good but not perfect.

Also, there may be an issue with non-latin charactersets which I'm unable to confirm because I haven't got a non-latin Windows.

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