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Reversing of a Protection Scheme Based on Drivers Sandboxie

Teddy Rogers

About This File

Sometime happens to fall into an interesting protection which reveals to be nicely implemented and nice to describe into a tutorial. This time is the turn of SandBoxie, a program that has an nice protection schema. I thought it could have been useful to reverse and document in a tutorial, mostly because I used a lot a combination of OllyDbg and IDA Debugger.

This time I preferred using IDA as much as possible to understand the code and then OllyDbg only to verify the assumptions done. This method of investigation is usually very common when you have to analyze malware, but also very handy, because IDA allows saving of reversing sessions, code editing, name changing taking advantages from both and so on.

I need reversing instruments that could be frozen at any time (I have very few and scattered spare time): I usually run the dynamic sessions with OllyDbg on a VMWARE virtual PC which I can freeze at anytime and the analysis sessions with IDA (which can also be closed and started again later for another session).

As usual there are cracks and keygens too for this program around the net and this tutorial will not create many troubles than those already created by someone else.

Moreover it will then be the occasion to deeper dig the IDA functionalities in combination with OllyDbg, I will try to be as much clear as possible, for everyone.

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