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Tuts 4 You

InTether Protection System

Teddy Rogers

About This File

Back from a long period of silence with a tutorial for all (serious) crackers and reversers that they don't want to waste their time to play with kiddy packer/crypters.

Like always this is a reversing tutorial, so if your looking for only a way to crack InTether protection... you have opened the wrong one... and probably you are not a reverser too. I'm sorry.

In the title I have defined InTether protection like the "perfect reversing training field", this because with a real reversing approach it possible have a lot of fun coding tools to better understand not only how this protection works but also how parts of our OS works too.

The tutorial is made of 2 parts because it's quite long and because I want to give you the approach that I have used here, with the background too.

Lets start!

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