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Tuts 4 You

Silences Programming Tour with MASM32

Teddy Rogers

About This File

In this series I will teach you how to code in MASM32. Everything is very well explained, each line, each word and each API. This tour is called "General Edition" simply because I will learn you general MASM32 programming. In the examples I will teach you how to code a simple messagebox up to a MP3 music player.

Content: (including source)

1. Introduction, Setup & Skeleton of Exe
2. Our first MessageBox
3. Our first DialogBox
4. DialogBox in Detail
5. Default toolbar controls part 1 (RichEdit, Trackbar, Radiobutton & Checkbox)
6. Default toolbar controls part 2 (Progressbar & Tabs)
7. Default toolbar controls part 3 (Listbox)
8. Default DialogBoxes (Color, Font, Open, Save, Print, Page-Setup, Find-Text, Find-Replace)
9. Simple file management
10. Showing Bitmap image & Playing mp3 files
11. Windows Registry + Final words

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