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Analysing of an Adobe Flash Malware

Teddy Rogers

About This File

It has been a long time since I wrote about something and I thought that maybe it is a good idea to write again. This time I want to tell you a story about a new 0-day vulnerability (well, not 0-day right now but it was at that time) in Adobe Flash that was published some time ago and that was being exploited in the wild.

Why I'm writing about this? There are a few reasons. First, just for fun. We were analysing this bug with a friend (@fdfalcon) for a week or so and the truth is we spent a really good time with it.

Besides, malware analysis is a subject I'm interested in but in my daily job I don't have the opportunity to do this kind of things. Of course there are exceptions but is not what I do the whole day, I'm not a malware analyst.

The third reason is because I'm using this tutorial as an excuse to show you how to write a little tool using Pin.

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