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Tuts 4 You

Solving the 1999 DAMN Official Contest

Teddy Rogers

About This File

Hello and welcome to another Office Jesus tutorial paper. Today, we are going back in time to 1999 for a blast from the past. In the year 1999, tHE EGOiSTE! (tE!) developed and released an official "Joining Contest" in the form of a crackme/keygenme for the group DAMN. The group itself was fairly popular with notable members, including Ivanopulo. While the group died many years ago, their legacy lives on. In our case, we are going to solve one of the group's admittedly easier public challenges. Although this challenge is now 15 years old, there is still much that young reversers can learn from it. For this challenge, we will be unpacking, serial fishing, patching, and keygenning. So, get your OllyDBG ready, and let's begin!

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