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VB.NET Keygenning (1-3)

Teddy Rogers

About This File

VB.NET Keygenning Part 1



Here's a simple tut about keygenning a VB.NET target by simple ripping. It might by interesting for keygenning starters (like me) or for ppl unaccustomed to .NET Reflector or MS Visual Studio. Sorry for the lazy commenting, but I'm too busy with other stuff atm. Anyway there wasn't much more too say ^^



VB.NET Keygenning Part 2



Here's a sequel to my VB.NET-Keygenning tutorial. Today we'll see things like:

- a hardware-dependend serial (and the API to get it)
- the protector
- its encoded names and how to get 'em back.

BTW, this doesn't regard only VB.NET-targets, but also all other .NET languages, supported by .NET-Reflector: IL, C#, Delphi, MC++ and Chrome.



VB.NET Keygenning Part 3



Here's another sequel to my .NET cracking tutorials. This time it comes in two different parts:

Target: CrackMe #10 by tKC

Tools: Reflector, M$ VS 2005, {smartkill}, Reflexil

Part 3a:
(I won't show the way to go with M$ VS like in the 1st two tutorials, but I've included a solution source in C# instead of it)

Part 3b:
-Advanced Patching with Reflexil
It's about seeing the new & excellent Add-In for Reflector! I'll show u, how to easily turn this CrackMe into two versions of SelfKeygens.

I only started to realize the power/possibilities of Reflexil and it might be a bit confusing to follow, because of no deep explanations about IL instructions... hence, see for yourself...

Have phun watching it & comments are welcome.




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