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Themida + WinLicense (Inline Patching)

Teddy Rogers

About This File

Again I have written a new script called "TM - WL HWID & BASIC Inline Patcher 1.0"

So maybe you have sometime trouble to unpack a TM / WL app and for this case I have written this new script. It writes the Inline automatically {+ addresses adjustment} & HWID Inline too if needed.For a HWID app you have just to find the jump address to attack for this you can use my older Unpacker script to get the data which you have to fill in the inline.So I don´t want to explain now all here on this post so watch the 3 movies and do it too.If something not works or you have some trouble with something then you can ask me on this topic.

- The script writes a BASIC Inline patch + 1 API Hook in the new section or at a free address
- Script is checking for CISC or RISC
- Script is checking for CRC address & DWORD and it filled the new one
- Script is checking for HWID & TRIAL / Old & New till v.20.65
- Script also writes the HWID & TRIAL Inline / Old or New / CISC or RISC into the .MaThiO section
- End Results Box after script finish.

So I have record three movies how to use and how to fill the needed command addresses and the calculations of distance in RISC.The first movie is CISC the second is RISC and the last is CRC and some examples.

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