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IDA Pro User Tutorial

Teddy Rogers

About This File

This is my first tutorial and the first lesson so please don't be rude. Due to the fact that English is not my native language there may be errors. Feel free to contact me so that I can correct them.

Some people may ask why I have written this tutorial since everyone who is into cracking knows how to deal with IDA and newbies normally use W32DASM, changing later when they are advanced. I am trying a different approach. It's 2003 now. W32DASM has lots of mistakes and is less powerful than IDA. I decided to make this tutorial for newbies as a First Approach to IDA so that their first tool is a powerful and helpful one for learning how to crack programs. IDA offers Auto Comments so the Assembler language isn't as cryptic for newbies.

Of course, it is useful to have an Assembler Book as a reference but some things may become clearer by just viewing the comments that may be advanced. I won't expect any Assembler knowledge in this tutorial and Assembler will be addressed in my second tutorial. I want this tutorial to cover the most used functions in IDA. It will not be complete and won't replace the help file from IDA. Make sure to read the help file if you run into problems.

I will try to explain a lot of things with screenshots but don't expect a graphical step-by-step walkthrough for every case. I set goal of one week to complete this tutorial because in one week I promised my first lesson.

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