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Tuts 4 You

TiGa IDA Series (1-12)

About This File

TiGa 01 - Visual Debugging with IDA


Visual Debugging with IDA - The Interactive Disassembler

TiGa 02 - Remote Debugging with IDA Pro


Remote Debugging with IDA Pro.

TiGa 03 - Debugging a Buggy Application with IDA Pro


Debugging a Buggy Application with IDA Pro.

TiGa 04 - How to Solve CrackMes for Dummies in Video


How to Solve CrackMes for Dummies in Video.

TiGa 05 - x64 Disassembling and Fixing Obfuscated API's


x64 Disassembling and Fixing Obfuscated API's.

TiGa 06 - TLS Callbacks and Preventing Debugger Detection


TLS Callbacks with IDA and preventing debugger detection manually or with Stealth plugin.

TiGa 07 - Unwrapping a Flash Video Executable


Unwrapping a Shockwave Flash video executable compiled with Instant Demo (exe2swf).

TiGa 08 - Stop Fishing and Start Keygenning!


Solution for an easy crackme from tuts4you.com with IDA anti-debugging techniques used.

TiGa 09 - Alien Autopsy rev. 2008


Alien Autopsy rev. 2008 with IDA.

TiGa 10 - Unpacking Deroko x64 UnPackMe


A tutorial showing a solution to Deroko's x64 unpackme using IDA.

TiGa 11 - Solving Pnluck x64 CrackMe


A solution to Pnluck's x64 crackme using IDA.

TiGa 12 - Unpacking 4 Simple Packers with IDA


An interactive tutorial from TiGa unpacking UPX, ASPack, FSG and Escargot using IDA whilst taking advantage of some useful plugins.



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