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.NET Reversing Papers (1-2)

Teddy Rogers

About This File

.NET Reversing Paper 1


In this particular paper I will intend to teach you as much as I can about howto reverse any type of .NET targets as good as humanly possible. But first you should take a few hours to teach and learn yourself at least 1 of the many .NET languages which are avail. today.

I myself recommend either Visual Basic .NET or Visual C#! Anyhow, if you have no knowledge in basic reverse code eningeering from before this is then no paper for you to read! Yes, it may seem too some that .NET reversing is easier than "normal" reversing but thats of course very wrong!

.NET Reversing Paper 2


This program uses RSA-1024 as its main protection on the serial part, and our goal is today to keygen this piece. However, if you have any earlier experience with RSA you probably know that RSA-1024 most likely cannot be factorised, so we need to patch the public key (and to those who thinks of a wiener attack, forget it the key is too strong).

Now, obfuscation shall not stop us! Hehehe, its not that hard to read between the lines.


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