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A Crackers Guide to Buffer Overflow

Teddy Rogers

About This File

This text assumes that you know what is the buffer and what is the exploit, it will just show you a very simple way of exploiting the buffer overflows.

Buffer Overflows nowadays have become something very common in the world of security and every EMag writes articles or sends notifications about new buffer exploits that have been discovered lately and sometimes the company of the product with such exploit release a patch or a new whole version of their product if it was unable to fix it. Buffer Exploiting is really dangerous if you know how to use it for your own, you may get into someone PC with only an IP addr and some garbage code (so to speak) if there was some kind of bug in the browser coding or the system itself.. you may crash someone PC with a simple .vbs file you pretend to say that its a very interesting coding or crash someone graphic card if a game was vulnerable to some kind of data.. especially over a network, so gamers, watch out the devil within!

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