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Visual Basic - A Decompiling Approach

Teddy Rogers

About This File

Frameworks are getting more and more popular today, Visual Basic is one of them. Personally I hate frameworks, and also most reverser's do. So, why this tutorial? We can consider both the light and the dark side of the problem: frameworks usually put a lot of code in the compiled programs, so it becomes hard to find the way among all that jungle. But they also use sets of pre-built objects, so these objects are always the same and can be recognized, helping the reverser to understand the code itself. In a VB PE you have a lot of information inside the exe, so you can easily extract all the information you need about all components of the program. To analyse a VB application I used this program that was written by a friend of mine (thank you _d31m0s_!). It's a sort of name/serial crackme, but we are not interested in serial fishing, we are interested in how it works and how the vb knows how to build the app itself. I asked my friend to write it adding some event handling (colors, on over, etc) and a simple algorithm to check serial. He also wrote the proggy using more source files and making various subs (some null sub too). We also have the source of all, but we will check them later.

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