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Cryptography and Reverse Engineering

Teddy Rogers

About This File

The topic we will cover today is Cryptography and Applied Reverse Engineering, the preferred OS will be obviously Windows, but Concepts and Techniques can be applied also for UNIX Like platforms, and partially on some kind of Crypto Hardware Devices such FPGAs.

It's important to well define what kind of Speech will be this, surely not an How To Crack speech, here we are Reversers and Not Crackers, people with Crack intentions can join to #Crackversity.

So what is the principal objective of this meet? To give a good and detailed Information about Reverse Engineering for Cryptography, you will find

  • Basics needed to understand Critical Security Applications
  • Basic Knowledge on Cryptography
  • Well Defined Learning Paths
  • Pointers and Links Useful for the learning process
  • Reversing hints for most common Protection Schemes

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