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OCC Checksum Checking

Teddy Rogers

About This File

Well i've been brushing up on my mathmatics seeing as how my Algebra II teacher taught me nothing useful. At any rate I really found some of the Checksuming algorithms like CRC32 intresting. However I really didn't like the over-head that they carried. In Billy Belcebu Virus Writing Guide for Win32 he discusses briefly CRC32 and using it for API strings however even at its most optimized for by Vecna & Billy its oftley large and thats why I created OCC (OkChecksumChecking). OCC is not as accurate as CRC32 however its ideal for File Integrity checking and for API strings (why i created it..). I didn't really take the time to optimize the shit out of it but at its most optimized for I believe you could get it under 15 bytes which is alot better than 26 if you ask me.

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