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Tuts 4 You

ARTeam eZine (1-4)

Teddy Rogers

About This File

The idea for this project was to provide a means of publication for interesting articles. Not everyone likes to write tutorials, and not everyone feels that the information they have is enough to constitute a publication of any sort.We all run across interesting protections, new methods of debugger detection, and inventive coding techniques.We just wanted to provide the community with somewhere to distribute interesting, sometimes random, reversing information.

While the title of this ezine says ARTeam, we prefer to think that we are acting as a conduit. We really hope that you find this project interesting, and we really want this to be a community project. So if you have an idea for an article, or just something fascinating you want to share, let us know and hopefully we will see a ezine #. It soon became apparent that the scope of this project went well beyond what we had predicted. A big thanks goes out to all the contributors. Without you this would be a blank page. We also need to thank everyone who has viewed, refined and commented on the production of this ezine. Hopefully we have been able to provide the reversing community something interesting.

The reversing community has been very dynamic in the past few years. We've seen a ring GUI debugger grow in startling popularity. We've seen protection authors dig deeper into the OS in an effort to deter crackers. Unique protections have provided months of analysis for reversers. New inventive tools have been developed in the re-versing community in an effort to effectively analyze and understand software protection. And ironically we see some of these tools move back to ring0.

None of these changes and achievements would have been possible without the amazing and talented reversers that take the time to share their knowledge and teach others. No matter what team you belong to, what level you reverse at, what language you speak, you all make up the same community. A group of people who constantly strive for discovery. None of us are content with accepting things "as they are" we need to know why. We are the scientists of software. We dig deeper than the average user, we see code where everyone else see flashy presentation. We learn this code so well that we can rewrite it, manipulate it, and even improve on it. Since these are my thoughts, I just want to thank every single member of the reversing community. I couldn't even begin to name every single person who has provided a contribution. We are all spread out among many boards, many teams, even many countries. But I like to think that we all share a certain camaraderie. Please enjoy the information included among these pages, we had some talented people give us some great sub-missions.

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