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PE Injection Explained

Teddy Rogers

About This File

This is not another article on DLL injection or shellcode injection (already a lot of is available online). The method described here allows to inject the complete image of the running process module in the memory of another process, basically this means having two different codes running in the same process (or having one PE hidden inside another).

This technique is more powerful than classic code injection technique because it does not require any shellcoding knowledge, the program code can be written in regular C++ and relies on well documented Windows System and Runtime API. Compared to DLL injection the main asset of PE injection is that you don't need several files, the main exe self inject inside another process and calls itself in there. I don' know who invented this method (official researchers or underground?). The thing is, the technique is not very widespread on the Internet and generally the source code lacks some explanation. Here I provide complete explanation of the technique and implementation source code at the end of article.

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