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Strongest But Slowest Compression Ever :)


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its old and useless considering few kb better compression and few ages more to compress, so far only ace rar and 7zip are best and fast.

we cant even go today with exe compression more than lzma from 7zip.

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Teddy Rogers

Hopefully some new and more modern compression techniques will start to appear which will support and take advantage of more advanced processors that are available today to gain more speed. They will be interesting to see...


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yeah kgb is old, but on my athlon xp 1700+ 13.8mb his sources in kgb take 10:40 min to decompress. and use 256mb so try it on for example 20mb easytune4 exe i think after 20 minutes you will fireup exe and waste 256mb to just run it. great idea


in compress.cpp

/* PAQ6v2 - File archiver and compressor.

so we start where we were so useless

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I agree man, theres no doubt about that. Actually, compression is only thing they thought about. When compressing directories they create same dictionary for all files (like doing tar and then compressing). Also, since it has multimedia detection they might have some algorithm bruteforcing to see which will create smallest output. But surely theres some space to optimize the code.

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arithmetic compression is great, but useless to exe files, due data compressed with 1.6GB dictionary will also use 1.6GB dictionary to decompress. only wordlist based compressors like zip,7zip,lzss are usefull to exe files. because they dont need any additional memory for decompression

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