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Enigma Protector v6.9


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Enigma Protector v6.9

I have protected a simple file with the Enigma Protector 6.9. Try to unpack.

For a skilled reverser will not be as hard as it seems.

HWID: A7707-65A71-43529-A59E1-41C2F-C5AA0-EB308-3F774
Name: tuts4you



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Is it possible to bypass Enigma v6.9 and Xenos injector ? it have to be injected trough xenos to get app running .

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I can patch the HWID seems like there is changes in Password system. Can you post the startup password?

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11 hours ago, xiaotang said:

It may not be perfect for the time being


can you make a tutorial please ? 

am trying to learn unpacking and am interested in enigma specifically!

By the way I tried to learn the hard way by protecting and trying to defeat each protection option

the problem is the virtualization , even though it is disabled the code is still virtualized any solution for this ?


thanks in advance 

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