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Difference between #~ and #-


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To .NET experts:
What's the difference between #~ and #- ???
#~ seems to be the good and default one!
#- is used by dnlib
#~ is used by Mono.Cecil



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2 hours ago, whoknows said:



My question is not about C# operators but about .NET metadata streams!
Thanks for trying to help me.
I've changed the #~ stream name to #- and I can't see any difference: the exe runs ok.

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See ECMA335, read ".NET IL Assembler" by Serge Lidin or search .NET Core for ENC_MODEL_STREAM_A

"#~" is the standard "compressed" stream.
"#-" is an "uncompressed/unoptimized" stream that can contain deleted items, items from edit-and-continue operation in VS, etc.

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