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Need Professional Web scrapper and Decryptor


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I have one website, which is very heavy load at some specific times, name d www.irctc.co.in

I need one professional Web scrapper as well as code decryptor

I want to make one automation program for this website for booking tickets as fast as possible

for more detail please download submitted files, and reply

if any questions please free to ask me.

Programmer must have professional skills and  knowledge about  C#, VB, Java.

please see attached file for more information

If someone has knowledge of decoding of viewstate of above said website then please reply.


there is one rar file attached and inside that file have two files

1 file forupload.txt  --   which is text file of each page descryption that how to execute each steps

2 file irctc.co.in.halog -- which httpanalyzer log file for more detail refrences. (Open in HttpAnaylyzer)




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The issue I am facing is not getting fast response from the website. Is there any way I can get the faster response.

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No worse than the hotel sites I use Selenium+Python on.. I just use DOM object scanning instead of unpacking JS, and I rarely even have to do that..

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