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CorBindToRuntimeEx and stuff using Delphi


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This is an old project, more than 10 years old ! I was doing it for fun and never posted it because It was

just for testing and learning purposes, you will see how I explain pointers to myself in the code and I'm sure

some people will find this funny :D

Anyway, I posted it today for the benefit of someone who asked me about some stuff on .NET and Delphi.

I hope it's useful.



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Hello Kurapica,
interesting stuff as always (doesn't matter if it is a bit old ... I'm old too :P) :)

Is this the one you used to show me the IL code of that salamander protected target we discussed a long time ago on your board (Black Storm Forum")? You made me curious at that time ... now I can take a look at the code ;)

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,

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Hi tony

I think it's this one or one of its derivations.

I didn't know you wanted to see that code, I could have sent it to you back then, I'm sorry.

I hope you find it useful.

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Hi Kurapica,
there's no reason to be sorry, indeed. :)

Private tool is, by definition, something that you don't share, lol. :D
Now is no more private, so I can take a look and learn something new. Thanks again!

Best Regards,

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