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[UnpackMe] Hard .NET UnpackMe !


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Here's a little unpackme to be a bit complicated to unpack for some !


Fichier: https://open.ge.tt/1/files/7BAbRy42/0/blobVirus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/fr/file/59d2f...416568916/


Upload the unpacked file please.


List of people who have successfully met the challenges:







Hard unpackme.zip

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It will just extract the original program (exe) on temp directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\%CurrentUser\Local Settings\Temp\RarSFX0

I've use MegaDumper (ex DotNetDumper) to see that!

MegaDumper link:



The exe is protected with AgileDotNetRT,

Simple MSIL Decryptor fails for some reasons.

ManagedJiter will decrypt method body:

ManagedJiter link:


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If you can meet this challenge thank you to upload the unpacked file.

he don't need to upload it, he told the way to unpack it, and it's so easy.


@CodeCracker you can also get original assembly with winrar, it is just compressed.

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Hadits follower

is like 5 month after touch a net file . Unpacked on laptop celerom dual core slow processor my old pc crashed but i did as much possible for me


however protected 



crypto res

netpatcher may be 

and few more


obfucator company so happy for you that you using all in one in a simple windows form :D


no one use like that to protect there software


here is 70% unpacked

@Alcatraz3222  it's so easy.

so easy to comment . try the file xd

Hard UnpackMe_dc (2).zip

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