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Skinning a static Box in Dialog?


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Im trying to skin a Static Box in a dialog with a Region.

But it doesnt work at all.

The Dialog itself skins with its Region.

Trying for the Static Box:

invoke GetDlgItem,hWnd,IDC_Static1 ;Getting the hwnd of StaticBox

mov hWnd_OGL,eax

invoke CreateEllipticRgn ,20,-20,190,150 ;create an eliptic Region

invoke SetWindowRgn,hWnd_OGL,eax,TRUE ;apply to Static Box.

---> after that Box is as Orginal , a Rectangle! :verymad:

so is it possible to skin a Dialogbox Control???? :dunno:

Thanx in advance

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Finally got it to work.

It skins the view as Elippse, but

paints the rest of the Rectangle in its grey.

So ive to create a brush for the rest of

the rectangle to its background.

Is ther another solution?

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