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Search doesn't work right...


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Hey Ted, you can't search people topics (I was trying to find some stuff about olly advanced by markus), and searching the forum itself only gives 5 pages of results and nothing older than 2009 O_o

ehm... :D

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Phew.. I thought it's only me being too stupid to use the search func!

Sometimes I miss something in the search results, but I know that

it exists. So I start searching 'manually'. Well, I takes a while but I

get my result.

PS: No, I'm not hitting the 'search' button in a wrong subforum.

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Unless I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do you can do it by clicking on this...

post-620-067077300 1283941078_thumb.jpg

...then select the following icon...

post-620-065946300 1283941079_thumb.jpg

...and from there you will get to see all the members topics and posts...


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I see what you mean when I check Markus' account. I'll investigate further, I have an idea what the cause may be and will let you know how I get on...


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Cool dude.

also what me n ufo posted about the main search, it is only going back so far in the database. Would be cool if it searched the entire db again. =]

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