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Skype trojan source


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Skype trojan source

The tools generally are related to the two trojan horses Minipanzer and Megapanzer (which you find at the bottom of this section)

to footprint a system, collect sensitive data, malware slef defense mechanisms and so on.

All sourcecode is available under the GPL so please do whatever legal stuff you want with it but keep the source open.

I used the time over christmas to work on the Skype trojan source code. The code was a little messy, it compiled but at some places it crashed.

The old source was optimised for Skype 3 and about for a year now Skype 4 is spreading more and more. Therefore I decided to clean up the code

and adapt it that way it works toghether with the new Skype version.

It took its time, several bugs were fixed, some of the old features were removed as for example encryption and encoding.

This trojan banana is a Megapanzer variant in its ealiest days branched in 2006. First Megapanzers purpose was to connect back to its client

through all kind of firewalls and proxy servers and offering an attacker a simple command shell. The feature eavesdropping Skype conversations

was added a little later and after proving its feasibility it became the new main focus.

It injects function calls into the Skype process to intercept all audio data coming and going to the Skype process. It extracts the PCM audio

data, converts it to MP3 and sends it to the attacker after encrypting it.


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