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c++ reversing


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It's an interesting topic for sure. There are few public tools to conduct oop reversing and seems that a lot of people is limited to use igor's scripts, naming convention (typical naming "ClassName__MethodName"), and many other tiny helper scripts like this one:


Also the object reconstruction part is a pain in the a**, what people do you use for object/structure rebuilding? I usually mantain lists of references to [r32+offset], and then try to do offset and context matching but I'm pretty sure there are better ways to handle all this information.

It would be nice to work on the topic, even if it's only for a concrete compiler... keep us updated Shub ;)

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And my IDA Pro plug-in "Class Informer" based on Igor Skochinsky's great article and scripts.

"Reversing Microsoft Visual C++ Part II: Classes, Methods and RTTI"

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