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Why Is Alowed For Google Etc To Read Topics?


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I keep seing google.com in users list, reading random topics..

why is that so?

is it not better to put a ban to crawlers?

Sorry if asking stupid questions :)

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Ya, it's invision board's way of displaying the spider. However in the admin cp for invision you can set how it accesses the site and what it can do. So no reason to worry. We're in good hands :)

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I thought it was picking up cache...

Since you can google for something that needs you to be registered to read.

But if you click on Cached site, or w/e it says, you can read the cache that Google has picked up.

But I guess it's up to the Admin to set what it's allowed to read and what not to.

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It is only a spider and all spiders have Junior privilage levels. There is nothing to worry about, it is actually a normal and healthy event if you want your site to show up and be listed in search engine results...


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