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  2. Hi NOP, I tried this setpts already but isn't what I'am looking for.Also in this case I need to re-encode the video too what is normaly not needed just to change the frame rate value like you can do in VirtualDub and export the video in direct copy mode.Strange that this not works in ffmpeg anyhow like this maybe.... ffmpeg -i "video_audio.mp4" -matchvideo2audiolenght -c copy output.mp4 ...ffmpeg could check the audio stream in this video (or new audio stream if set) to get the audio lenght like 1 minute for example and changing the original framerate of the video to X to stretch the video to the same lenght of 1 minute and output as new file.In this case I wouldnt need to find out the new framerate of video I have to use manually and using it to extract first the h264 video stream then changing the framerate to X and muxing both streams h264 & audio stream together back into mp4 container.Its a bad detour you know.All this steps I can do with ffmpeg manually just using demux / mux methods = without re-encoding. I made a short video to show my manually steps I have to do with ffmpeg so far to get it work but its a detour style.I dont know whether this steps can be done automatically anyhow with ffmpeg you know.On internet I found nothing yet.Maybe you or anyone who works with ffmpeg more than me can watch quickly my video and tell me how this can be done without a detour etc.If you know or find a better method for this then just tell me. Framerate2AudioLenght.rar greetz
  3. I know one guy that paid for WinRAR. Probably earned himself a spot in the VIP section in the afterlife.
  4. I think this should do it... ffmpeg -y -i input.mp4 -vf "setpts=1.25*PTS" -r 30 output.mp4 Changing the -r value to match your needed framerate
  5. woker124

    DNGuard HVM - Enterprise

    @CodeExplorer, @Drin Can you share unpacker tool for 3.8.4 ?
  6. Hi kao, hmmm.Looks more simple now.I think I did stroll anywhere else. I really don't know why I always do think so different.Maybe simple solutions aren't my thing and I don't see them or whatever.Good ok, using a calculator with the right formula could be ok in that case. greetz
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  8. You're overcomplicating things. You have video that has 300 frames. You need it to last 60 seconds. Necessary frame rate is 300/60=5 frames per second. Who would want to write a specific tool that does one division operation? Certainly not me.
  9. Hi guys, I'am looking for any tool to calc a video frame rate from a new audio stream lenght.Just found nothing yet also nothing I could use with ffmpeg how to stretch a video stream lenght into audio stream lenght. So the task is pretty simple. 1.) I have a video with a lenght of 1 minute and a frame rate of 25 fps 2.) I have a audio with a lenght higher or lower than 1 minute = both stream lenghts differ 3.) Now I wanna match both streams into same lenght of the audio lenght (audio must keep original lenght) I thought there would be any ffmpeg command to do this task but found nothing (only how to speedup audio or video).When I do use VirtualDub/2 I can load a video and see its frame rate X.Now I can add a audio stream with any lenght Y and make both same I can use the frame rate adjustment option in VD called "change so video and audio durations match" to stretch the video to audio lenght what changes the video frame rate to higher or lower rate.So this I wanna do with ffmpeg.Does anyone know how without to calc a new frame rate manually before or checking this in VD etc? Otherwise I would like to find any small tool with thos calc options to set video frame rate of original video & a time X to calc out the needed frame rate I have to use to match the video to audio lenght.On internet I just found some bitrate calc but nothing for this task yet. Calculation would be like this....(I think so / just testet a little around) AllFrames / Default_FPS = TimeLenght 300 / 29,970 = 10,010 seconds Default_FPS * TimeLenght / NewTimeLenght NewFrameRate 29,970 * 10,010 sec / 60 sec = 4,999995 ...and in this case my new frame rate would be 4.999 to stretch the video exactly to 1 minute duration. As I said,I would really prefer to find any ffmpeg command to do this in a simple way without to calc the new frame rate manually I have to use.Or having a small tool I can enter some datas to calc out the new rate etc.Maybe anyone does know any command or tool I could check out. PS: I could code a tool too for this but I have again some float calc problems (dont remember anymore about this). greetz
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  11. Tester009

    A keygenme With source code in WinAsm

    I'm an absolute noob at this, so I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I managed to squeeze out a 'working' combination of name + serial (if you ignore the max user name input lol): I kind of see what checks there are but I fail at writing the code (keygen) that generates a valid combination of name + serial. I'm not asking you to write the code for me (I'd appreciate it if you would) but rather the logic behind it. Cheers.
  12. Actually Winrar was a kind of an earl adopter of ECDSA licensing, but they made a mistake in the implementation, much like level 10 armadillo. I still remember when I first came across this release - i thought, man, not another hardcoded-pseude-keygen ... then I saw "SeVeN/FFF". I was like "ahh shit here we go". Problem for Winrar is that their license is tied to archive signatures - if they change it they will break the signature mechanism.
  13. FFF - This name I have encountered so many times. A guy named Axis -FFF have keygenned/Patched dozens of App and great thing is that, If he patch, everything works well. Some of Great Protectors for HWID Lock (I wont mention name but all knows which is widely used for .NET, Delphi bla bla ) is done by Axis / FFF though many others cracked or modified Demo like PC-RET or many others but there Crack is not ok. Means If you protect your file, then anyone else without the project can create keys for your protection (All he need is to just use same algo. which can be easily understand using Demo Key) But only the Axis/FFF works always like an original.
  14. i remember also the cracktro https://defacto2.net/f/b42719a and that core stole the release https://defacto2.net/f/b22ed7a
  15. Some free books can be had from Fusion Retro Books... The Story of the Commodore Amiga in Pixels The Story of US Gold The History of Ocean Software The Story of the Oliver Twins The Story of the ZX Spectrum in Pixels - VOLUME 1 The Little Book of ZX Spectrum Games The Story of the Commodore 64 in Pixels Ted.
  16. Teddy Rogers

    WinRAR Nukes Pirate Keygen

    I can't believe it all happened in 2009, a full decade ago. It does not feel like it was that far back... Ted.
  17. Is that how he did it - I didnt know that!! I remember FFF did some crazy stuff back then but this one was a big release.
  18. Actually it was impossible to keygen, the algorithm depended on RSA but the big mistake was that the author used the keys from a public resource or something like that, i.e he copied the RSA parameters, I remember that a reverser named "SEVEN" found that and created the first keygen This is what I can remember, it could be inaccurate or badly recited by me.
  19. was winrar really easy to gen or crack or did it put up any fight at all?? just wondering if they just slapped a lil tiny protection not caring much or if they actually tried cheers B
  20. Mattiwatti

    UPX 3.93

    A bit late to this thread, but... UPX has a bug where it will strip the relocation info from files, but not set the IMAGE_FILE_RELOCS_STRIPPED flag on the PE file header characteristics when unpacking the original. Furthermore IMAGE_DLLCHARACTERISTICS_DYNAMIC_BASE is also not removed from the DllCharacteristics field of the optional header. To be clear, that means there is information loss (the relocation info) when compressing a relocatable PE file with UPX. Because Windows thinks the image is relocatable, it will relocate it without applying relocation fixups (after all, there are none). This will cause the executable to crash. Assuming it is not a problem that the image cannot have ASLR, you can either toggle IMAGE_FILE_RELOCS_STRIPPED on, or toggle IMAGE_DLLCHARACTERISTICS_DYNAMIC_BASE off. I would personally go with the former since it more accurately describes what UPX has done.
  21. I once paid for a software, faststone capture, I think it's worth it and I used it in some works so I felt I should pay Winrar is also great and maybe I will do the same in the future.
  22. Teddy Rogers

    WinRAR Nukes Pirate Keygen

    I think I must be in the minority. Have had a licence for as long as I can remember (since around version 3.x) so I have had a good run in comparison to a lot of software out there. @kao thanks for the link to the up dated version... Ted.
  23. @Teddy Rogers: from what I was able to gather, this version was still being maintained and improved. Only original repo was taken down, forks are all up. For example, this one is fully up to date: https://github.com/Deteriorator/winrar-keygen.git
  24. I will buy it someday
  25. Teddy Rogers

    WinRAR Nukes Pirate Keygen

    I thought this had been released on GitHub years ago, why now? Ted.
  26. https://torrentfreak.com/winrar-locks-pirate-keygen-but-the-good-guy-towards-regular-users-191207/ WinRAR Nukes Pirate Keygen But is a “Good Guy” Towards Regular Users cheers all B
  27. ahmadmansoor

    AdvancedScript x64dbg Plugin

    what u mean ? can u explain more ! new update coming ( Support SDK ).
  28. ForlaxPy

    AdvancedScript x64dbg Plugin

    I'm I able to code scripts there that auto makes patches over the asm via x64dbg core? Because I don't think the the current scripts functions in there is supporting that
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