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  3. kraxgrr

    Flare-On 7

    Thanks. I managed to get it working by turning on "virtual machine platform". Only "WSL" was not enough.
  4. Rurik

    Flare-On 7

    That's your setup. It should just run cleanly on a standard Windows 10 system.
  5. kraxgrr

    Flare-On 7

    So challenge #8 I get CoCreateInstance() fails. Is this part of the challenge or my setup is bad ?
  6. Teddy Rogers

    Moving to open systems?

    Will wait to see how BitTorrent Protocol Specification v2 matures before making a decision and how it can be implemented if a torrent needs to be updated at regular intervals... Ted.
  7. The site needs to (will) move to a new server and I have intentions on completing migrating uploads post this. There is a good chance the server and site move will occur early October. Transferring all of the files over to the Downloads category is a boring mind-numbing task. If I can motivate myself enough I will try and get it done around the same time. In the meantime you can get all the OllyDbg 1.xx plugins from the Collection 2011 torrent... Ted.
  8. Last week
  9. H1TC43R

    Reversing Industrial Firmware...

    Use either of Xyl2k links
  10. AnonymousSafengine

    safengine license server and database leak!!!!

    He will connect to the database, the specific database information is hard coded in the program, you need to modify through the patch. https://prnt.sc/ujfpjm His database server is: tcp://auth.safengine.com:3306 The account password is also in the screenshot. For clients(Safengine Licensor, ....), you may also need to hijack dns to turn to your own server, hosts files are not available. Maybe we need an effective key, but I don't.
  11. strangekidd

    safengine license server and database leak!!!!

    Not sure how to use this. Tried to install the service through command prompt but service wont start. Tried command "standalone". exe crashed instead. Another thing. They closed their server I think today which I think is due to this leak, so the protectors aren't connecting to their server anymore. Which I'd assume at this point that SafengineSRV.exe is an emulator or something. If so, it's not working for me. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
  12. We need to have all bugs from the earth matrix removed. With IRC and all oldschool community going off track, I find this dishearting to know and be in a time. Example: Old websites New websites Future: What can be done with the open source community? With the libtorrent v2, https://torrentfreak.com/libtorrent-adds-support-for-bittorrent-v2-a-potential-game-changer-200912/ Mutable Torrents and Merging Swarms : In addition, it opens up the door for peers to get the same file from multiple torrents. This is already technically possible today, as BiglyBT’s ‘swarm mer
  13. keesijp60

    Themida + WinLicense 2.x (Unpacking)

    Wel Thanks. This is nice stuff to read on a laptop between the birds in the woods. Need a sunpanel though, so I buy one making the laptop work forever. And relax and relax. PS you make exe video now that,s good because the old swf is not supported anymore, not a problem this leaking player is gone. Have a nice day.
  14. AnonymousSafengine

    safengine license server and database leak!!!!

    make a big news
  15. This is Safengine authorization verification server. Used to identify the following version authorizations: Safengine Licensor Safengine NetLicensor Safengine Protector Database Snapshots: https://prnt.sc/ujfo3q SafengineSRV.exe IDA Snapshot: https://prnt.sc/ujfp28 https://prnt.sc/ujfpjm https://prnt.sc/ujfq2b Downloads: https://www105.zippyshare.com/v/IiDsxY3g/file.html http://www.mediafire.com/file/d0sfq8bawlkuayd/SafengineSRV.rar/file
  16. Thanks Teddy. Could you upload the missing OllyDbg 1.xx plugins in this category too https://forum.tuts4you.com/files/category/62-1xx-plugins/ ?
  17. blog.assetnote.io/2020/09/15/hacking-on-bug-bounties-for-four-years/ bonus OpenPGP support gets added to Thunderbird - bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=22687 GitHub CLI 1.0 - github.blog/2020-09-17-github-cli-1-0-is-now-available/ (yeah with this old school (dos pascal) menu choices gr8 shit Ultra Safe Nuclear - usnc.com Most Popular Programming Languages - 1965/2020 - youtube.com/watch?v=UNSoPa-XQN0 Meal - Honey Garlic Shrimp - bients.com/quick-healthy-dinner-20-minute-honey-garlic-shrimp/ Tutanota encrypted email service suffers DD
  18. atom0s

    piratebay.org sold for 50k

    'thepiratebay.org' wasn't what was sold, just 'piratebay.org'. It's now up with an actual page stating they are looking to make a movie and the domain is purchasable for an affordable $1.9mil lol. https://piratebay.org/en
  19. LoLLo90


    No one willing to try this challenge? Another hint: "Erjey" is the equality relation.. "Tuts4you" is the greater than or equal relation..
  20. Teddy Rogers

    piratebay.org sold for 50k

    In short... https://thepiratebay.org/ ...still works... Ted.
  21. torrentfreak.com/piratebay-org-sold-for-50000-at-auction-thepiratebay-com-up-next-200916/
  22. theregister.com/2020/09/15/microsoft_submits_linux_kernel_patches/ Microsoft engineer Sasha Levin who said: "The Linux usage on our cloud has surpassed Windows."
  23. Borun

    .NET Reactor v6.3

    He will not release unfortunately.

    Pyarmor CrackMe

    You have to place license data and transform key inside _pytransform.dll to be able to use dll that was downloaded from server. Check this source code file, specifically _patch_extension method. To decompile pyc file, you have to deal with some anti-decompiling features that PyArmor has. For example, uncompyle6 does not work on the piece of code with several "NOP" in a row. Check this opcodes reference, you can easily edit pyc file using your favourite hex editor.
  25. If you paste the full link, including https://, then the forum can convert it automatically to a clickable link.
  26. mango.pdf.zone/finding-former-australian-prime-minister-tony-abbotts-passport-number-on-instagram hey dp0, whazzz up?
  27. noweileen

    Flare-On 7

    Does anyone have any hints for 6/codeit? I deobfuscated the autoit script, but I'm not sure how to get the hash for decryption (or if this is even required) Edit: Solved 🙂
  28. Well i've just joined it 10 months ago, but however , my points of interest are GFX and ASM/Delphi programming here.
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