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  2. Check Ted's answer again: So if you want colors (any at all) or mix normal/bold then you will need to draw the items yourself using the GDI api SetTextColor and TextOut and those functions after responding to the draw item event by setting the owner draw flag.
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  4. Hi guys, short question about Opera browser.I updated the browser and get to see any pink color in private browser mode! https://help.opera.com/en/touch/private-mode/ Below I made a screenshot.The color look total stupid!Now I was looking for a way to change this color but didnt found any setting for this. I would like to have same decent color like in not private mode.Has anyone of you a idea whether there is any hidden flag/s for this to change this color? greetz
  5. Hi Ted, thanks but your file dosent run on x86 I use. By the way,if I read your code example then you just set one menu item 2 into bold = whole item right?So I want this item into normal & bold style mixed.See my picture below how I mean it.Anyway whether in color or just bold if possible but it has to be in the same item / text string = mixed. The 4you in this example above.I just used a paint app to make this quickly to show it and how I mean it. greetz
  6. Here is a working sample (in PureBasic) for you. This sets one of the menu items to be bold... If OpenWindow(0,0,0,250,100,"Right click in the window...", #PB_Window_SystemMenu | #PB_Window_ScreenCentered) If CreatePopupMenu(0) MenuItem(0,"MenuItem 0") MenuItem(1,"MenuItem 1") MenuItem(2,"MenuItem 2") MenuItem(3,"MenuItem 3") bold.MENUITEMINFO bold\cbSize = SizeOf(bold) bold\fMask = #MIIM_STATE bold\fState = #MFS_DEFAULT SetMenuItemInfo_(MenuID(0), 2, #True, bold) ;"2" is the MenuItem to be made bold EndIf Repeat Event = WaitWindowEvent() If Event = #WM_RBUTTONUP DisplayPopupMenu(0, WindowID(0)) EndIf Until Event = #PB_Event_CloseWindow EndIf If you want to add colours and the like you will have to consider using #MFT_OWNERDRAW and manually draw the menu items on #WM_DRAWITEM event... Ted. Bold Menu Item.exe
  7. Hi guys, thanks so far for the infos and the example tonyweb. @Teddy Rogers I am not sure whether this function SetMenuItemInfo using MENUITEMINFO struct can do this (I think not).So my case is a little diffrent so I dont wanna make the whole single menu item entry in BOLD.Only just a part of this string like I did post above. Context Menu -------------------------- 1 | Here is any String to see and >>THIS<< I wanna set in text bold only 2 | normaltext >>here in Bold<< 3 | >>this in bold<< and this not -------------------------- I need some mixed strings as menu text items.A part is normal and a other part should be in bold etc.Just need to show this in context menu to focus the user eyes on it without to search long for this entry part.I wanna make a context menu what does show long http link and on a specific place in the links I wanna just mark / highlight so that the user can see it quickly you know.Thats what I wanna do.Best would be to set this part in a other color like this...below the whole single menu item text enty. Here some String and >> this << should be in focus only in bold or in any else color like this or maybe both......you know In ownerdraw I only can set the whole menu item entry to bold or xy color but not seperated so thats the tricky thing I dont know how to do that yet. greetz
  8. I noticed Ubisoft and Epic have been giving away some games for free over the past few months - for limited periods. For those interested, here are a couple of games currently free; Assassin's Creed: Unity ("In light of the devastating fire at the Notre Dame de Paris") Transistor Ted.
  9. I use something like this if I want to make a menu item bold... bold.MENUITEMINFO bold\cbSize = SizeOf(bold) bold\fMask = #MIIM_STATE bold\fState = #MFS_DEFAULT SetMenuItemInfo_(MenuID(0), 2, #True, bold) ;"2" is the MenuItem to be made bold https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/winuser/nf-winuser-setmenuiteminfow https://docs.microsoft.com/en-au/windows/desktop/api/winuser/ns-winuser-tagmenuiteminfoa Ted.
  10. Hi LCF-AT, usually you have to use owner-drawn menus: you just tell windows you would take the burden to measure and draw the content by yourself. A very very quick Google search takes you to http://winapi.freetechsecrets.com/win32/WIN32Example_of_OwnerDrawn_Menu_Items.htm https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/8715/Owner-drawn-menus-in-two-lines-of-code https://www.codeguru.com/cpp/controls/menu/article.php/c3719/The-Easiest-Way-to-Code-the-Owner-Drawn-Menu.htm Don't know if there's available an example in pure ASM, I'm afraid. Regards, Tony
  11. Hi fearless, ok thanks.Sounds not so easy again.Have you seen any example for this already somewhere? What about this.....lets say I wanna just show a menu string entry with a BOLD parts between like this.... Here is any String to see and THIS I wanna set in text bold only Is that doable with any easier method maybe? greetz
  12. Probably have to create your own control with a WS_POPUP window and use DrawText for the individual parts in the different colors. And have to calc the 'menu item' positions, and store the 'menu text' strings in an array or structures etc. Also calc position of the control relative to where mouse/cursor position was, for the placement to show it at.
  13. Hi guys, I have a new question.I wanna ask whether its possible to use diffrent colors for a single menu item string entry? Example: ContextMenu Menu ---------------------------- ABC 123 <-- blue & red 111 222 <-- only red AAB SAB <-- only blue 1A2 B4C <-- blue & red ---------------------------- Above you see 4 menu item entry / string.Just some letters and numbers.Now I would like to show the letters in color A (Blue) and the numbers in color B (Red).So is that possible to do that anyhow in a same single menu item?I am also not sure whether its possible with a Ownerdraw to seperate the text color.Does anyone know that or had already done this? greetz
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  15. AGSKY

    Tempering TCP Request/Response on Fly

    Did you tried? But it is really amezing..lots of fun to expolit!
  16. https://youtu.be/Sv8yu12y5zM bonus - VSCodium - Binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing - hxxps://github.com/VSCodium/vscodium
  17. mattheig

    First Crackme

    @NOP reupload
  18. NOP

    First Crackme

    Program cannot start because VMprotect dll is missing Are you sure this is using no packer or protector?
  19. mattheig

    First Crackme

    Language: C/C++ Platform: Windows x86 OS Version: Windows Packer / Protector: None Description: Simple obfuscation. Change "input a number" text. Gold: add +1 to sum factorial Screenshot: OBFTest.exe
  20. Wadu

    Modified ConfuserEx

    Key ^ List of blacklisted programs: blacklisted.Add("Fiddler.exe"); blacklisted.Add("Wireshark.exe"); blacklisted.Add("MegaDumper.exe"); blacklisted.Add("OllyDBG.exe"); blacklisted.Add("de4dot.exe"); blacklisted.Add("de4dotmodded.exe"); blacklisted.Add("exeinfope.exe"); blacklisted.Add("Improve .NET - Deobfuscator.exe"); blacklisted.Add("SimpleAssemblyExplorer.exe"); blacklisted.Add("StringDecryptor.exe"); blacklisted.Add("Universal_Fixer.exe"); blacklisted.Add(".NET Tookit Rebirth v 0.1.exe"); blacklisted.Add("SAE.exe"); blacklisted.Add("CFFExplorer.exe"); blacklisted.Add("Process Monitor.exe"); blacklisted.Add("Process Hacker.exe"); blacklisted.Add("DNSpy.exe"); blacklisted.Add("ILSpy.exe"); blacklisted.Add("x64dbg.exe"); blacklisted.Add("dotPeek.exe"); blacklisted.Add("RDG Packer Detector v0.7.6.exe");
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  22. I need one custom made web browser based on chromium web driver like Ghost Browser (https://ghostbrowser.com). In this browser I need some custom made features like Ghost Browser. Very first thing I need to run custom made browser extension in browser. Second thing I need option to load new proxy in each new tab opened by the custom made browser extension. For loading proxy in each new tab the user will save the proxies in advance and than when use the custom made extension those proxies were used in the tabs opened by the extension. For more reference please see the https://ghostbrowser.com. Project Amount : 500$
  23. Bemme check mal bitte deine PM!
  24. wabafit

    Modified ConfuserEx

    Yes, I know this code is non-working. I developed the crackme quite a while ago and the purpose of me publishing this was purely to check how impermeable my obfuscation is to the individuals visiting this site. Also, that flag serves no purpose. You may ignore it. Also, I do not use RSA/AES.
  25. wabafit

    Modified ConfuserEx

    These are fake attributes
  26. Dear new forum members, typically an introduction would be nice on such a post which gives some background or information about your interest in the field e.g. what you have done or learned in the past, what you expect to learn or gain from the forum, how you expect to contribute, etc... This is typically useful so people can learn a thing or two about you as they can always refer to this post. But just stating that you are new is already obvious from the forum new member registration list. Perhaps the admin can clarify this better than I can but these posts being unmoderated and ignored are pretty much going to encourage lurkers and such types and not contributors.
  27. jemie1234

    Hello everybody, I am new here!

    hello everyone i am new
  28. jemie1234

    .NET Obfuscation/Protection

    waiting for your champion update!
  29. CodeExplorer

    PELock Demo v2.09

    Language : Visual C++ 6.0 Platform : Windows x32 OS Version : Windows All Packer / Protector : PELock Demo v2.09 Description : This is just one of my program protected. The objective is unpack it. FolderCompare_prot.zip
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