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  4. AGSKY

    Tempering TCP Request/Response on Fly

    Did you tried? But it is really amezing..lots of fun to expolit!
  5. https://youtu.be/Sv8yu12y5zM bonus - VSCodium - Binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing - hxxps://github.com/VSCodium/vscodium
  6. mattheig

    First Crackme

    @NOP reupload
  7. NOP

    First Crackme

    Program cannot start because VMprotect dll is missing Are you sure this is using no packer or protector?
  8. mattheig

    First Crackme

    Language: C/C++ Platform: Windows x86 OS Version: Windows Packer / Protector: None Description: Simple obfuscation. Change "input a number" text. Gold: add +1 to sum factorial Screenshot: OBFTest.exe
  9. Wadu

    Modified ConfuserEx

    Key ^ List of blacklisted programs: blacklisted.Add("Fiddler.exe"); blacklisted.Add("Wireshark.exe"); blacklisted.Add("MegaDumper.exe"); blacklisted.Add("OllyDBG.exe"); blacklisted.Add("de4dot.exe"); blacklisted.Add("de4dotmodded.exe"); blacklisted.Add("exeinfope.exe"); blacklisted.Add("Improve .NET - Deobfuscator.exe"); blacklisted.Add("SimpleAssemblyExplorer.exe"); blacklisted.Add("StringDecryptor.exe"); blacklisted.Add("Universal_Fixer.exe"); blacklisted.Add(".NET Tookit Rebirth v 0.1.exe"); blacklisted.Add("SAE.exe"); blacklisted.Add("CFFExplorer.exe"); blacklisted.Add("Process Monitor.exe"); blacklisted.Add("Process Hacker.exe"); blacklisted.Add("DNSpy.exe"); blacklisted.Add("ILSpy.exe"); blacklisted.Add("x64dbg.exe"); blacklisted.Add("dotPeek.exe"); blacklisted.Add("RDG Packer Detector v0.7.6.exe");
  10. I need one custom made web browser based on chromium web driver like Ghost Browser (https://ghostbrowser.com). In this browser I need some custom made features like Ghost Browser. Very first thing I need to run custom made browser extension in browser. Second thing I need option to load new proxy in each new tab opened by the custom made browser extension. For loading proxy in each new tab the user will save the proxies in advance and than when use the custom made extension those proxies were used in the tabs opened by the extension. For more reference please see the https://ghostbrowser.com. Project Amount : 500$
  11. Bemme check mal bitte deine PM!
  12. Earlier
  13. wabafit

    Modified ConfuserEx

    Yes, I know this code is non-working. I developed the crackme quite a while ago and the purpose of me publishing this was purely to check how impermeable my obfuscation is to the individuals visiting this site. Also, that flag serves no purpose. You may ignore it. Also, I do not use RSA/AES.
  14. wabafit

    Modified ConfuserEx

    These are fake attributes
  15. Dear new forum members, typically an introduction would be nice on such a post which gives some background or information about your interest in the field e.g. what you have done or learned in the past, what you expect to learn or gain from the forum, how you expect to contribute, etc... This is typically useful so people can learn a thing or two about you as they can always refer to this post. But just stating that you are new is already obvious from the forum new member registration list. Perhaps the admin can clarify this better than I can but these posts being unmoderated and ignored are pretty much going to encourage lurkers and such types and not contributors.
  16. jemie1234

    Hello everybody, I am new here!

    hello everyone i am new
  17. jemie1234

    .NET Obfuscation/Protection

    waiting for your champion update!
  18. CodeExplorer

    PELock Demo v2.09

    Language : Visual C++ 6.0 Platform : Windows x32 OS Version : Windows All Packer / Protector : PELock Demo v2.09 Description : This is just one of my program protected. The objective is unpack it. FolderCompare_prot.zip
  19. https://github.com/LisaDziuba/Awesome-Design-Tools#no-code-tools bonus (free -> add to cart -> mailinator -> 498mb) - hxxps://fusionretrobooks.com/collections/pdf/products/the-story-of-the-commodore-amiga-in-pixels_pdf
  20. CodeExplorer

    [UnPackMe] Obsidium v1.6.1.9

    Used protector (I've forget to specify): https://www.52pojie.cn/thread-652274-1-1.html http://distro.crack.vc/index.php?dir=RceTools/Packers/ Finally made scripts and a tutorial on how to restore stolen bytes: https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/41211-obsidium-olly-scripts/ BR.
  21. MrQout

    UnPackMe 1 // ConfuserEx 1.0.0

    Thank you!
  22. Compiling it is certainly for serious developers and paranoid reversers
  23. Techlord

    A new disassembler coming soon?

    Most of the time, just a download of the zipped source will not be sufficient when serious reversers want to compile it. It is advisable to do a recursive clone of the repo and then compile it from sources. That is what I generally do to avoid downloading every single requirement in the repo separately one by one when I want to compile it. That was why I had included just the link to the repo in my post above and not the direct download link to the zipped source code file. The sources are a little messy and have a lot of dependencies, by the way.
  24. @atom0s, you win though as I have a friendly delay Your content will need to be approved by a moderator Because of a warning you received, this content will be hidden until a moderator approves it.
  25. Hmm think the forums are bugging out.. your post wasn't there for me @Progman when I made mine. But shows it was posted an hour ago now.
  26. 9.0.2 released with the source which notes can be found on their site: https://ghidra-sre.org/releaseNotes.html With the source, they did include the decompiler's source code which some were concerned with being released. It's there and is coded in C/C++ so there is potential for things to get better as time goes on with community help/support. Would love to see it become on par with IDA's and better in the long run. Given how Ghidra is setup too, if it does start to become on par/better of a decompiler someone could essentially turn it into an IDA plugin if they wanted.
  27. evlncrn8

    OpenFodder (WebAssembly)

    i almost skipped this post until i realised its open source cannon fodder ! .. nice, cheers
  28. @atom0s and @deepzero we now also have a version 9.02 with some more fixes: https://ghidra-sre.org/ghidra_9.0.2_PUBLIC_20190403.zip Since serious reversers will want to download the source and not merely browse it, here is a directly link (and it weighs in at ~66mb, smaller than the distribution package even): https://github.com/NationalSecurityAgency/ghidra/archive/master.zip
  29. Techlord

    A new disassembler coming soon?

    Source Code of Ghidra Released:
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