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  2. Teddy Rogers

    Slow loading page

    Good to read this has been resolved and thank you for reporting it to me... 👍 Ted.
  3. ewwink

    Slow loading page

    it faster now and reply box also appear instantly, thanks Ted.
  4. [.NET]实战UnpackMe.mp4 -> https://mega.nz/#!YxwQSAxA!Lwd9XStVyue8fdYKZXmYkoDxE0Y7ftsyNYtBKLTRrGM
  5. @kao thank you very very much for this if you have time please upload second video Best Regards
  6. jameswoods

    How to make a game appear online?

    Hitman 2 is protected by denuvo. This would more then likely involve removing the DRM. Edit: after a quick google search apparently it has been removed in a recent update.
  7. Teddy Rogers

    Slow loading page

    Please can you try again and report back. If there is no improvement can you take a screenshot with the 'size' column visible so I can see what is being cached from your end. I would also be interested to know if you are using some form of HTTPS filtering (e.g. for ad-blocking)... Ted.
  8. Yesterday
  9. @mdj: 使用x64dbg暴打非托管强壳.mp4 -> https://mega.nz/#!Y5JBTaCS!hJXzN5ssvUyRHW8VgpGxINEVrW1zJ2Up96vqqJVG5co I can upload the second video tomorrow, if you need that too. @all: Please be nice and don't abuse the link, it is a free Mega account and has traffic limitations.
  10. A game such as HITMAN 2 requires an always online connection to unlock stuff. Is there a way to bypass this and make the game appear online?
  11. @wwh1004 please share video on other server i cannot download from pan.baidu
  12. Black Hat Anonymous

    Slow loading page

    I agree with this. For me its also slow. always take usually 1 minute to load. 30 Sec plus time to create comment or message even though I use Google RDP with speed 1 GBPS. Tried in Chrome and Firefox
  13. ewwink

    Slow loading page

    I use Chrome, generally all page but thread page is the slowest. for example, below it take only less than 1 second to load the html but it take 40 seconds to load various javascript and other resource files.
  14. Teddy Rogers

    Slow loading page

    What browser and do you have a specific page that has a slow loading time? Ted.
  15. lethalseconds

    My first crackme(KoiVM)

    Language : C# Platform : Windows x64 | x86 OS Version : Windows Packer / Protector : Modded Beds obfuscator + KoiVM Description: Simple Unpack the file to regular code and put in password make sure the application still runs after. Rules no grabbing password from memory at all. Do not forget to write the solution i want to know how you did it Screenshot: CrackmeBeds+KoiVM.exe
  16. From the header I see javascript, css, font and other static file is not cached by browser and make the page loading is slow cache-control: no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate For static file I think it better to set the cache to public.
  17. thanks in advance it works now
  18. virustotal at my door and a small graph about a mbr ransom generator, lot of samples, few itw urls. https://www.virustotal.com/graph/embed/g1eff513400894f7c8930f6e4200093ecd13d231f1d204b8e84e6c8c89481e2bb
  19. GautamGreat

    ILProtector + Enigma - (Unpack & Get the Password)

    1. Dumped native dll from Enigma's Virtual Box. 2. Break at OEP of Enigma, and dump binary with Mega Dumper. 3. Put Dumped files in one folder and the unpack with @CodeExplorer's Tool Here is my unpacked file. unpacked.rar
  20. ImFaisal

    First CrackMe

    Tutorial Plz 😥😓😌
  21. Bidasci

    Simple CrackMe #1 - Find The Missing Key

    This is the same as #2...Rename 'JNE' to 'JMP' and it will automatically become registered. As the same for my #2 I also created a patch for this but using a different patcher. I used AT4RE's Patcher. Simple CrackMe #1 Patch.exe
  22. Bidasci

    Simple CrackMe #2 - Find The Missing Key

    This program was very easy to solve without the key. All you have to do is rename one of the JNE to JMP and it would work. Created a patch for the file. Download for a patch is in the attached files, the patch was created by dUP2. simple.crackme.#2.patch.exe
  23. ninety-nine percent practice will help you
  24. Last week
  25. Hello everyone. I am new to this website but not the scene. I have used patcher's before and reverse engineered some programs before but not anything hard. I hope me registering to this website will help me know more and talk to the community.
  26. Bidasci

    dUP2 Skin Pack

    Thank you for this, I love using dUP2 but there is lack of skins. This helps me.
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