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  1. Symbian Unleashed IDS Files for IDA Pro

    IDS Files Heaven, EPOC6 && EPOC9:

    Heya... when I first started to build IDS files for the community I never dreamed to making them this good. Worked hard and it payed off. This is MAJOR update to both EPOC6 and EPOC9 IDS files. There are many files in both archives and ready to make your RCE-ing a heaven with SUPER CLEAN imports, thus - clean IDA view. I want to give a MAJOR THANKS to Nacho_dj for his help with this project - mate, you ACED it.

    So here they are, v3 IDS files for both IDA folders. Delete all old IDS files and place new ones in the folders, run some APP in the IDA and you will notice changes instantly. Also please give feedback if you encounter any errors or anything that you think it's buggy or you just want to say thanks ^^. I must remind you that this was really big project so MAYBE there are some errors.

    ENJOY another great release from ARTeam!

    Release Note:
    IDS files for IDA Pro disassembler. it contains 710 files and supports 9.3 version of OS. IDS files have been cleaned for easier reading in Import section and they are optimized for 9.x OS.




  2. IDS Utilities

    This is a collection of utilities to create/maintain IDS files for IDA Pro.

    The IDS files are used automatically by IDA to assign meaningful names, comments and additional information to the imported DLL functions.




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