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Webmaster Gets 7 Years For Piracy


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http://news.zdnet.com/2100-3513_22-6114012.htmlIt?s not a good idea to risk with selling an illegal software if you live in the USA. The owner of one of the nation?s largest Internet software piracy Web sites has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison. Nathan Peterson, 27, of Los Angeles, sold products copyrighted by companies such as Microsoft Corp. and Adobe Systems Inc. at a huge discount on his site, iBackups.net, prosecutors said. The site began operating in 2003 and was shut down by the FBI in February 2005. In addition to Friday?s 87-month sentence, U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III ordered Peterson to pay restitution of more than $5.4 million and to forfeit the proceeds of his scheme, which included homes, cars and a boat.Peterson pleaded guilty in December in Alexandria to two counts of copyright infringement.Justice Department and industry officials called the case one of the largest involving Internet software piracy ever prosecuted. Last month, Ellis sentenced a Florida man to six years in prison for selling illegal copies of computer programs on another site, BuysUSA.com. Big Brother is always watching you?

talk about pulling a homer...he goes and buys boats,cars,etc with pirated software money???

what a dum-dum...


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Selling pirated material...? Idiot.

Truth be told, I don't use pirated material, I code, I know how hard it is, so I buy the softs. i just RE for fun :P

But selling pirate softs...**** - me. Stupid

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His website looks cool:



If they were selling copied disks they probably were not wise enough to actually distribute them so they didn't look like copies. This way when people get their "goods" they don't complain to police or FBI because its not authenticate.... :)


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Wow 7 years...I wonder if he thinks that it was worth it. Probably not, but at least he got a pretty slick website out of it ;) ...does the FBI pay for hosting now?

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they took all is money of him too.....everything

there was a vat scammer in the united kingdom who stole ?26million

they jailed him for 3 years and fined him ?250 grand thats it

over ?25 million left 4 him.... thats around 8.3 million 4 each years locked up



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Guest The_wandering_moe

glad to see that we are getting the criminal threat off the streets.

surprised we haven't seen bush declare a "War on Piracy" yet.

the guy is a jackass for doing it for profit-- but still, we shouldn't have people like him jailed-- wasting space for murderers and rapists.

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