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If you haven't associated NFo files with Notepad or NFO viewing software then it will show as MSInfo....Open it with notepad with terminal font

i cant not find that kind of image i have a nfo files now in notedpad i cannot view that kind of images......please help me givw me idea or how to make that kind of application...........or software

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There are lots of .nfo viewers are out threr. DAMN NFO VIEWER, DIZ VIEW, etc are some of the common ones. Try Googling.


can you upload the sample so that ill try.......................or the application

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Dude, can't you use google !


*/ To view such files (*.nfo), you gotta open it in a notepad with the font set up to terminal. (as yamraaj told you). or you can install an nfo reading soft (Damn nfo viewer for instance).

*/ To create such files (with ASCII arts ) you gotta use a notepad with the font set up to terminal.. or you can use an nfo making soft. (nfo builder for instance.)

Now go here and get yourself what you want.

Edit :Have a nice day. ;)

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- Just open your Explorer

- go to foldersettings

- go to the tab called Filetypes

- search for NFO and click on it

- now click on the change button and choose notepad

- apply all

- done

now your *.nfo files will be opened with the notepad but set the font to terminal for a better look ;)

Greetz Jada^AoC

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