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Hi guyz..Well its been quite a long time that I contributed a GFX.I got 25 min extra break after lunch time and I decided to play with Photoshop once again...and I came up with a simple design and made my first official DUP skin release. Here is the screenshot


I have attached the .psd,.res and the .rgn files along wit the fonts used.So if anyone is interested to use it may modify anything in it (except of course my credit :D )

Comments welcome.


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Lookin' good! :thumbsup:

Glad to see you found a little time to do some GFXen.

I've been quite busy myself these past few weeks, and haven't had a chance to contribute. I'm looking forward to things slowing down!!!!

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Thanx all.


Not exactly a tribal..but actually I was too excited to see sun shining after 2 months in such a maneer..so just got this idea and expressed it in a GFX!!!

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I kinda like the whole idea!

The colors are excellent, so is the design.

a hint: if you bring that sun to the front and set the transparency to 35 %, it looks much better !

Edit : Anyway, Your artworks are always great lessons for me ! Thanx

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