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Hi And I Need To Speak With You Ted


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hello. well like me message in ARTeam, this is to say hello again, im writing a littles tutorials but besides i need to speak with teddy rogers so if you can please send me an email to my mailbox :P

see you soon boys!.

pd. sorry, my english sucks

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Teddy Rogers

I got your mails but I have been very busy these past couple of days with people coming around to look at my new baby boy - and celebrating (getting inebriated). I feel like it is an home open at the moment :) I haven't replied to anyone who has sent me messages via email the past 3-4 days but I'll get around to it today. Also I haven't been visiting any other forums the past couple of days, I'll take a look at ARTeam forum in a little while. Oh! and you could have sent me a PM via this forum... :dunno:


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