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Congratulations Ted

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I'm sure everyone here wants to congratulate you on the arrival of Ted Jnr ;)

Best wishes to your whole family at this exciting time!

(Apologies if I've missed a discussion elsewhere.)

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Guest G0TCHA

Congatulations bro!

Now.. i guess that's gonna need some "habits-changing" from you ! :D

A brother advice: Stop drinking.. Give it up...that's the best thing you can ever do to your girlfriend as a "thank you" for the wonderful gift she offered you (as you said) ! :D

Pass a big Kiss to little Teddy and take good care of him!

Good luck,

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Very glad to hear good news. Congratz BrO for the new born, hope to see the little baby among us in the team soon :D


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Teddy Rogers

Al-Kaiser, my baby is a boy :) Thank you everyone for your kinds words, it is good to hear them. I uploaded some photos of him yesterday in to the Gallery if people wish to see... ;)


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My Contratulations to you Teddy....and lots of luv to the baby ( Ted Jr. ) !

LOL......now the future of SnD is Established.......It will still be rocking....Lead by Ted Jr....

And by the way what you named the Baby ? !



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Guest Darkwave

Aww... such a cute cuddly baby! Congrats Teddy! So when he'll start reversing? Maybe when he'll grow

up he'll start anti-debugging ;-)

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